Cold to the Bone

I didn’t feel as cold today after witnessing a lone swimmer finish his workout in the frigid English Bay…. Spine straight, standing tall, he never made a “B” line for the change room. For most though, winters are a time for fleece, long pants, Gortex and a good book. Like nature in it’s resting phase, quiet and withdrawn, you may also be in a phase of reflection and more aware of your senses.  As the cold and wet winter chill you to the bone, stay active to keep your body warm and energized. A diet of unprocessed whole foods, plenty of relaxation and time with friends and loved ones is paramount to your seasonal immunity and well being.  Next post I’ll introduce my scrumptious “Thai-Inspired Roasted Pumpkin Soup” that will be a mainstay for you throughout the colder, wetter months.

Cat Dillon

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