How to Give Up Fast Food Fast

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Mc Donalds 4 Year Old Burger

Someone at my training gym said that for the new year they were going to give McDonald French Fries up for 6 months.   Just 6 months?  Huh??  Wait a second.   Can we talk about this?   I’m going to keep it short and simple and concentrate on fat….  Not the good fat from olives, avocados, coconuts, flax or hempseed.  But adulterated, convenience food kind of fat.  I won’t go into the excess calories, trans fats, salt, high fructose corn syrup. That’s another post!

One of the many problems with convenience and fast foods is that they use super cheap, low quality oils to begin with.  They later go through chemical processes where they are refined at ultra high temperatures and hydrogenated to increase shelf life and stabilty.  Hark!  A trans-fatty acid is born!  This process is incredibly dangerous for human consumption even in small quantities, as their molecules are not recognized by our body. They are not used, but immediately stored.  Trans- fatty acids have detrimental effects on our cardiovascular, immune, reproductive systems, energy, fat and essential fat metabolism, liver function and cell membranes integrity.   They make us fat AND sick!  Additionally, adipose (fat) tissue sends out highly inflammatory messages that increase risk of cardiovascular disease, arthritis, connective tissue problems, fatigue and pain. Need I say more?

Some commercial oils have been brominated to give a fresh, un-cloudy look to certain oils and bottled fruit drinks.  Brominated oils cause changes in heart tissue, thyroid enlargement, fatty liver, kidney damage and testicle withering.  Yeah, you read it…..

There are also toxic by-products due to frying.  Frying and deep-fat frying damages oil and causes free-radical reaction from light, heat and oxidation and cause atherosclerosis.   These processes can impair cell respiration, inhibit immune functions and lead to cancer.  Think about that the next time you feel a craving coming on. Want fast?   Think healthy options.  Greek meze, miso with soba, burrito bowl, soups, salad bar or plan ahead and make your own delicious take out with healthy leftovers.

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