How to Slice a Kabocha Squash

One of my recent posts was a recipe for “Thai-inspired Kabocha Squash Soup“.  One of my dear friends called me while she was having a bit of a struggle slicing up her kabocha.  I realized that I assumed too much and didn’t really do a great job on instructing how to manage this ultra-hard squash.  If you have issues with a really hard kabocha,  you are not alone.  But don’t let that discourage you, I have help coming your way…..  Other than the method I list below,  you can alternatively place the kabocha in a heavy duty plastic bag, securely fasten it, crack it over concrete and then peel the broken chunks.  Or, if you still have problems with the slicing,  you can try and bake it for a while and then peel.  That usually helps to tenderize the skin a bit more.  You must know, that in Japan, they actually leave a little bit of the skin on when they steam it.  So have some fun and just use this beautiful piece of pureness, high in beta-carotene, vitamin C and potassium…

A gorgeous kabocha.  Ready for peeling and slicing.

By slicing one piece off, you will now find it much easier to maneuver the squash.  If you have a cleaver, this step will be a lot easier.  A chef’s knife will work though.

Begin peeling the squash halves.  You will have some green spots remaining, but don’t worry – you can go back and tidy up later.

With a soup spoon, scoop out all the seeds and sinewy flesh from the core of the squash.

Slice into medium chunks – roughly the same size so they cook evenly.

You now are ready to use the kabocha.  Steam it, bake it, or use it in a soup.  I’ll feed you some other ideas later!

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  1. I absolutely love your site!!!! Wish I had you as my personal chef! Oprah is missing out! Love the Kale salad! Thx for showing us novices how to slice & peel a squash! To the greatest chef I know! You are simply the best!

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