How Green is Your Tree??

Ah, what to do about the tree this year…. For many of us, one of the merriest moments of the season involves putting up the holiday tree or, ahem, watching someone do it for you.  Although we are finally realizing the importance of recycling our trees, as they can be put back into the environment as mulch, a number of those trees wind up at landfill sites.  Some lot-bought trees are sprayed with chemicals and rodenticides.  Even artificial trees have to be used 20 years before they make less of a carbon footprint than a real tree.  Bad news for everyone!

A much better plan, if you care for an indoor Christmas tree,  is to buy a living tree.

Here are some ideas that I found inspiring.  They are from a book called, “A Slice of Organic Life“, by Sheherazade Goldsmith.

  • Buy a container-grown tree (max 5 feet) and soak it well before bringing it into the house.
  • Keep the tree away from direct heat, such as fireplaces or radiators.  Water regularly.
  • Don’t keep indoors for more than a month.  The warmth and artificial lighting can make the tree break dormancy and start to put on new growth.  Putting the tree outside at this point could kill it.
  • After Christmas, take the tree outdoors.  Either transplant it in early spring into a larger container or plant it into the ground into well-drained soil that isn’t frosted.  Make the planting hole a generous size, add some bonemeal and keep the tree well watered for the first couple of years.

Alternatively, there is a local company that actually does it all for you.  They deliver you a potted Christmas tree and then pick it up and care for it until  the next year.  Easy!

If you have any “green” Christmas ideas to pass on, please send them over to me!  I’ll be sure and mention who made the discovery!

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