Annoyances in Life…..

I’d like to share a little 2 minute video on the little annoyances in life….  Don’t worry, it isn’t a meditation video or something to try and get you to meditate.  It’s just a funny, but true portrayal of life….  As I shared with you last week, I have decided that it was time to include a daily Meditation (click here to see the video).  So far, I have gotten myself up to 10 minutes, and have experienced an interesting awareness of my breath.   I have noticed the sheer subtleties of my exhale and now pay close attention to it when I feel the need for calming. When you can exhale fully and completely, the breath in that follows is a deeper one.  Think of it like a wave. For me, it helps to visualize just that, or my lungs, or even a balloon being filled with air.

What do you find helpful as a visual for meditation?  How has meditation helped your life so far?

Cat Dillon

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