Happiness is a Healthy Find

Like the “play on words”??

For all of my local friends in Vancouver, BC…..  On this second day of the week, I have some awesome finds for delicious and healthy things!  If you aren’t here in Vancouver, don’t fret….  I know you’ll be visiting our lovely city soon enough.  Wherever the heck you are, one piece of advice….  Ask around for what you are looking for.  Don’t be bashful, someone knows what you are looking for!

I woke to Saturday morning with a craving for barre.  If you haven’t taken a barre class yet, you better educate yourself.  Barre is getting very popular.  Vancouver’s Bar Method combines pilates, yoga and ballet into a floor and barre-based muscle shaping workout that sends an earthquake up your thighs and other areas of your body. Carolyn and Ella teach over 40 classes a week at their studio in Yaletown.  The afterglow of a barre class cannot be beat!!

I had the opportunity to stumble upon Granville Market’s Soap Gallery.  Not a chemical anywhere on any label. Most soaps are seriously yummy enough to eat and made by owner, Darren Monette.  My man and I were kids in a candy shop sniffing rough cut, natural soaps like watermelon, mango/papaya, pumpkin pie, orange and poppy seed and hazelnut coffee.  Check this place out for the perfect paraben-free soap.

Damp days call me to Japanese Soba Noodle Soup!  At Menya, on West Broadway, you can order the healthy way…  Get the huge 4 dollar seaweed salad.  Sorry, but this salad was way too cheap for all the field greens, at least 4 types of seaweed, peppers, carrots and tomatoes and tangy ginger dressing.  Simply delicious!  Order the Soba Noodles in Fish Stock.  Specify simmered, not tempura’d veggies with the special toppings of crisp nori, egg, sprouts and corn on top.  You will not be disappointed.

Some days I need a helping hand in the kitchen.  I cook our 15 meals during the week, our little doggie’s chow plus an occasional dinner party or two.  A  day or two off from cooking can’t be beat.   I cut myself some slack and special order an organic and free-range rotisseried chicken from Kitsilano’s Market Meats on 4th. These fabulous guys let you call ahead to reserve your organic bird (they normally roast free-range chickens but will roast you an organic if you call ahead!)  and will even marinate it in fresh rosemary, garlic and olive oil.  Toss your own gorgeous salad or roast some vegetables and you’re done!  Ask for Spencer.

Next time:  “What the heck do you do with seaweed?”

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