Are You Eating a Healthy Breakfast?

Breakfast is often considered by many AFTER or during the stress of the morning rush.

Consider this….  At rest for 7 or 8 hours and likely not having any nutritive calories for a few hours before bed, our body needs to break that “fast”.  In order for our metabolism to kick start, blood sugar to ignite and brain power to fire up, we need to feed it.  The best foods are those with staying power; easy to digest proteins, healthy fats and un-refined carbs low on the glycemic index.  The glycemic index is basically a ranking of carbs based on their effect on blood sugar levels.

Carbs that break down quickly will have a higher GI, causing blood sugar to spike. High GI carbs, such as those containing sugar and refined starches cause cortisol (stress hormone) levels to rise and overshoot the normal range.  Cortisol will likely remain elevated all day and night.

On the flip-side, carbohydrates that break down slowly will have a lower GI, gradually entering the blood stream and avoiding that dreaded blood sugar spike.  Low GI foods tend to lower the cortisol level.

These quick spikes in blood sugar levels lead to fat storage, obviously an unwanted byproduct.  Eating steel cut oatmeal and other low GI foods will help keep blood sugar levels stable, decreasing fat storage and increasing the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Breakfast sets the stage for the body to have healthy and stable blood sugar levels throughout the day rather than playing catch up.  Sorry, instant oats or microwaved oats are processed grains and are higher in glycemic index and lower in nutrients.  Instead, use steel cut oats, whole oats, quinoa, or any other longer cooking grain. When preparing your morning porridge, it’s a really good idea to pair it up with a little protein and fat to further maintain glycemic balance.

To make sure breakfast winds up in your packed agenda, PRE-pare your meal before you go to bed the night before or, prep it up before you go for your morning workout. It’s a cinch!  Tune in next time for 5 easy ways to prepare scrumptious, health-packed whole oats in a flash…….

Cat Dillon

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  1. I’m looking forward to more of those steel cut recipes! love the soaking in Almond Milk, lemon zest recipe!

    • You got it girl! I love my oat flakes as well, and find they are a breeze to make by just letting them sit overnight in yogurt. The acid cooks them for you.
      Add your favorite topping and voila, you got your self a bowl of wonderful…

  2. I often PREpare my steel cut oatmeal the night by letting it soak overnight in almond milk, lemon zest, cranberries and a drop of stevia or agave. No cooking required! Yum!

    Can’t wait for some of your ideas!

    • I’m glad you have found yourself a delicious solution to busy mornings! Sounds delicious :)
      Do you find it a bit hard on the teeth and hard to digest? If it is, I recommend soaking them first in water and then proceeding. That way you’ll reap all the benefits: taste, texture and dietary absorption.

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