Food’s Future

“Diet Diva” Oprah, is challenging her staff to go, “vegan” for a week.   Wal-Mart is promising, “healthier” packaged foods and more produce.  On the local level, Vancouver’s, “The Magic Lunchbox“, is providing elementary school students with nutritious and fun lunches.  Students at UC Berkley are protesting the arrival of Panda Express on campus in favor of a student-run co-op carrying fresh, local, healthy, sustainable, and fairly produced food that would be sold at affordable prices.

Food and health is definitely news worthy.  Changes are occurring at the grass roots level to help build and tend school gardens, teach kids about sustainable farming and eating healthy, while helping invest in the next generation of farmers and health educators.  Check out this video for a super cool program that involves young adults and the future of our food!

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