Bill Maher’s Take on Health and Nutrition

My favorite political satirist, Bill Maher, comments on the American healthcare crisis and the horrific increase in mainstream illnesses such as asthma, autism, hypertension, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s and you name it. Bill’s list of A’s is a crack up! The abundance of chronic health conditions and hungry for junk consumers keep pharmaceutical companies rich and and processed food giants fat and financially happy. People’s addictions to refined sugar, salt and unhealthy fats continue.

Bill rants on about horrible nutrition and about how he came across, “fried coke” at a local fair! A stoner he is, but a apparently a healthy one….

It is amazing and so very sad to me to still see the junk that some people are eating and simply succumbing to drugs to heal or bandaid their health problems.

Someone has to stand up and say the answer to the problem is in prevention. Obvious, right?
Still… You have to see this….

Cat Dillon

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  1. I heart Bill Maher so. much.

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