Why Freaky “Frankenfish” Matters

If you had a coupon for half off of your first taste of genetically modified salmon, would you take it??

Why all the hoopla on GMO salmon?

The main reason for the FDA’s push for GMO salmon is to reduce the pressure on the wild fish stocks.  However, the pressure on the stocks isn’t consumption, it’s the salmon’s habitat.

The oceans are heating up and becoming more acidic because of human-induced global warming. Phytoplankton, the irreplaceable foundation of the ocean’s food chain are dying off. Wild fish populations are crashing, not only because of global warming, but because we are allowing out-of-control, “profit at any cost” industrial fishing corporations to wreak havoc.

Studies are showing that GMO salmon has allergenic potencies that are 20 -50 % higher than regular salmon.  It has 40% more IGF1, a hormone linked to breast, prostate and colon cancers.  It has the lowest omega-3 to omega-6 ration of any other salmon.  GMO salmon can even change our gut bacteria by taking up the modified DNA from GMO food during digestion (this already occurs with GMO soy).  The FDA notes evidence of “increased frequency of skeletal malformations, and increased prevalence of jaw erosions and multisystemic, focal inflammation” in the tissues of GMO salmon.

Get involved!  Say, “no way” to this science experiment!!

Cat Dillon

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