“What, Me?…” Adrenal Fatigue?

This is not a “delicious” subject, but albeit an important one…..

Adrenal fatigue is something I know well.  I’ve had bouts in the past and can share my experience all too well.  As a former triathlete, chef and type-A personality type, I struggled with getting good enough balance and recovery in my work and workout schedule.  I always thought I needed to be pushing it or else I wan’t going to get anywhere or achieve what I wanted. During triathlon season, I followed my schedule “to the T”, worked 5 nights and went to bed at 1.  I’d wake up, train, have my cappuccino and big, pseudo-healthy muffin, read, train and go to work again.  I maintained a very healthy diet, but still had a hard time recovering.  What I didn’t realize, was that physical stress was compounded by the mental stress that I had from working late nights and thinking about my workouts and races and whether or not I would recover from lingering injuries in enough time.  I did finally beat the fatigue after learning how much better I felt when I altered my lifestyle and gave myself permission to take it easy once in a while.  Don’t get me wrong….  I’m still the same girl.  I’m still in the Type A range! But now the difference is, I am a curious observer of the way I do things.  I can easily sense when I need to slow down or take a rest or fuel my body with what it needs.  I also began starting my day with the proper fuel, that is, eating more protein spread thoughout the entire day instead of mostly at lunch and dinner.  That’s for another post….

We all experience stress in our daily lives from different sources: relationships, jobs, finances, illness or divorce.  Whether it’s daily or chronic, it can take a significant toll on your mind and body.

Because the adrenals are the “glands of stress”, they are involved in the processes of and recovery from most chronic diseases.  It is their job to enable your body to deal from stress from any multitude of sources.  Even athletes and very fit people can suffer from adrenal fatigue.  If they overtrain on a regular basis, skip meals, or practice unhealthy lifestyle choices they can push themselves into adrenal fatigue just like everyone else.  Often, “fit” does NOT = “healthy”.

Your strength, endurance, and energy all depend on the proper functioning of your adrenals.  When we don’t get a break from all the stressors in our lives, like poor quality diet, insufficient sleep, too much mental and emotional stress, too much or too little exercise, illness or trauma, our adrenals become, “fatigued”, and eventually, over time, have trouble secreting cortisol, stress hormone.  In extreme cases, adrenals will cease to produce cortisol (Addison’s disease); however, most people will feel bad for a long time before they are diagnosed.

Stay tuned for, “How Adrenal Fatigue Can Affect Your Life”……

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