Tuning in to Our Innate Skills

We are born intuitive, with an inner skill that tells us what our body’s nutritional needs are.  Studies have shown that when babies are given a variety of foods in a setting, they customarily eat one food and ignore all the rest. Parents usually think their baby will suffer from malnutrition, but if researchers are able to convince them to relax, wait and watch, they can show that over the course of a week, baby will eat just right.  Given enough choices and time, the baby will eat in a balanced way. They are tuned in to messages from the body and will get the right amount of calories, macro- and micro-nutrients.  This is an inner skill that we were once all able to do but seem to forget as we age.

Remember when you were a kid?  You played and played until it was time for dinner. You sat at the family table and ate what you needed.  You re-fueled and out you went, ready for more play.  Eating was second tier to the business of being a kid.

As we age, food becomes other things to us.  We use it to sooth, to distract, to procrastinate, to numb, to seduce or reward.  We begin tangling our food up with all sorts of thoughts and emotions.  We grew up and lost our natural hunger as our environment  taught us un-healthy habits related to food and nutrition.  As our loving caretakers anxiously pressured us to finish “everything” on our plate, our innate wisdom regarding  eating began to disappear. And here we are…..

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