When “Natural” Foods Harm

“Organic” vs “natural”.  Think you know the difference? According to research polls, many consider,”natural foods”, to be free of pesticides and genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s).  Nothing’s further from the truth….

Conventional and so called, natural foods contain dangerous organophosphate pesticide residues and are common in conventional wheat, corn, soy and oats.  For more info on the pesticide read here.

Interestingly, many cereals and boxed items that used to be labeled, “organic” are now, “natural”, as bigger companies take over the smaller ones and and use cheaper ingredients to increase their margins.  Organic products are forced to compete with products that claim to be natural.  Some of these conventional items are even more expensive than organic, as they try to make us think we are purchasing a higher quality product!

Look for the “certified organic” label on all of your packaged food items. That way you will know that you are eating sustainably, without toxins or genetically engineered ingredients (GMO’s).


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