Sit for a Living?

The latest meta-analysis confirms that the more you sit, the more at risk you are for diabetes.  Sitting seems to have an immediate effect on how your body metabolizes glucose. When you sit, your muscles are not used, and quickly become more insulin resistant.  Studies have shown that people who sit after eating have 24% higher glucose levels than people who walk very slowly after a meal.  We’ve known that exercise and what we eat is very important in controlling weight and regulating glucose, but now it’s “what are we doing the other 22-23 hours a day”?  Rather than thinking only about your diet and daily workout, it may be also be prudent to take those breaks on the hour and move around.  Not only will it reduce your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular events, but help your circulation, digestion, stress level and sense of well-being.  You don’t need a study to tell you that.

Here is the Heartwire article.


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