Is Your Food Making You SIck??

nervous woman with mouseThis week, I’m patiently awaiting results from my MRT Food Sensitivity Test!  I grew up an incredibly allergic child and managed to pull my health together very well with a super clean diet minus the foods that give me problems.  In the summertime, I must say, my addiction to juicy plump tomatoes and delicious peppers, eggplant and other veggies and fruits goes wild.  Quick, “go-to” snacks like banana and seed butter, smoothies start being a little too normal and too often as I work on the computer.  Then I start to feel it.  I little itchy patch of skin.  It’s my sign that things aren’t just right.  What to do? Easy answer for me and the clients that I have helped to solve their annoying issues surrounding their food sensitivities….. God, I hope I’m okay with coconut!!!

Symptoms of Food Intolerance

Adverse food reactions are a common and often undetected problem for a wide array of clinical conditions. Irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, migraines, skin issues like eczema and many other chronic inflammatory or “autoimmune” type diseases often have an immune mediated dietary component that must be appropriately addressed in order to achieve optimal outcomes.

Many physicians believe they have adequate coverage when it comes to identifying trigger foods. ELISA based IgG or IgE testing are the most popular blood tests used by practitioners when immune mediated adverse food reactions are suspected. However, approximately 75% of the dietary reactions in IBS, migraine and fibromyalgia are cell-mediated type IV hypersensitivity. (Cell-mediated immunity is an immune response that does not involve antibodies but rather involves the activation of phagocytes, natural killer cells (NK), antigen-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocytes, and the release of various cytokines in response to an antigen)  In these cases, IgG and IgE testing cannot identify the reactive foods. Additionally, neither IgG nor IgE testing is technologically capable of measuring clinically relevant reactions to food chemicals. If a physician’s chosen method of testing does not measure cell-mediated hypersensitivity (or reactions to food chemicals), patient outcomes will frequently be compromised.

Figuring out what you are sensitive to is tricky in that there are so many possible triggering mechanisms and also potential immune cells that can combine in many ways to release a cascade of pro-inflammatory mediators.

Enter the Mediator Release Test (MRT®)

This is my gold standard go to for quickly identifying trigger food and food chemicals.

The Mediator Release Test  measures the outcome of virtually all non-IgE mediated immune pathways. MRT provides a simple, yet comprehensive solution to a highly complex situation by indirectly measuring mediator release after whole blood has been exposed to and incubated with a food or chemical antigen. This enables MRT to account for both humoral and cell-mediated mechanisms, without being “locked in” to one or the other.

Here are the cool advantages of using MRT over other methods:

1. LEAP uses the most accurate and comprehensive test available for non-IgE mediated immune reactions

2. Initial foods have the highest probability of being tolerated (immunologically speaking).

3. The sequential reintroduction provides the surest method of confirming non-reactivity.

4. It positively focuses the patient on what they should be eating and not just what to avoid.

5. The more difficult aspects of dietary lifestyle change (rotary diet) are introduced after the patient has become accustomed to simple elimination.

6. It provides the patient all the necessary tools to assume full responsibility for this part of their treatment.

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