Is Fido a Foodie?

squirrel hunting-1Is your dog a “foodie”?

If not maybe they need to be eating more of what you are eating….

Eating out of a can or out of a box – salted, preserved, dried, enriched, heated or highly processed is not a good thing. Even IF your companion LOVES it.

Pet food is processed with far fewer regulations and standards than human food and the chances for contamination are higher. We as pet owners think that we are giving our animals all of the vitamins and protein that they require. We feed it to them with the understanding that the pet food gives them the nutrients that they lack by being domesticated. This is not the case. This is all hype that the pet food companies use as a marketing ploy.

What is wrong with food in a bag or can?

Did you know that dog food may contain at least 6 deadly chemicals that have been banned from food because they cause things like cancer, liver dysfunction, organ failure, birth defects, blindness, chronic diarrhea, hair loss and behavior problems? If you think buying foods labeled as chemical and preservative free makes them good, think again…

Processed dog food companies often use poor quality ingredients to start. Even from diseased animals or inferior, older produce and grains that, mind you, we could all do a lot less of (canines and humans alike).

Processing often renders food poor in nutrient value, and uses inferior fats that easily rancidify. The Pottenger Study is a classic example.

Informative Articles:

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Dr. Dobias is my “main-man holistic vet” go-to….

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