What Is the Real Deal with Gluten?

wheatLet’s face it….  Not all of us are celiac.  But the following statistics should tell you something about wheat and gluten-containing grains.  First, a little gluten 101…

Gluten makes up 80% of the protein in wheat, rye and barley.  Wheat gluten is made up of two types of proteins: the toxic gliadens and the less toxic glutenins.  Gluten reduces gut surface area and impairs digestion. Being a toxin, gluten sets up an immune response to try and clear the build up of toxins.  The process, renders inflammation of the intestines and kills intestinal cells.  This makes the gut, “leaky” or permeable.

According to Paul Jaminet, Ph.D.,

-About 83% of the population may have an inflammatory reaction to partially digested wheat gluten.

– About 30% of the population develops anti-wheat-gluen antibodies locally in the intestine.

-About 11% of the population develops systemic (circulating through the body)

-About 0.4% of the population develop systemic auto-antibodies that attack not only wheat gluten but also human cells in the intestine, thyroid, pancreas and elsewhere. (when antibodies attack the intestines this is called celiac disease) (199)

In a nutshell, nearly everyone has an immune response to wheat.  This immune response to wheat can result in damage throughout the body (most severely in the gut and thyroid).  Response to wheat varies between people, but anyone can acquire antibodies against wheat which may generate immune attacks and symptoms of ill health.

Paul Jaminet, Ph.D., “Perfect Health Diet”, Scribner, 2012

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