Stress Has Everything to Do with It!

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Stress has everything to do about it. It’s a viscous cycle. We try and avoid it, but it won’t let up.

Everything is stressful. We know we should do some kind of daily practice to help ourselves learn to deal with stressors better. We forget that every single negative thought creates not only an emotional response but also a stress response.

Other things like unresolved blood sugar issues, anemia, gut inflammation, or food intolerances also cause your stress response to rise.  All of these conditions sound the alarm bells and cause the adrenals to pump out more stress hormones.  (see article on the adrenals)

These ongoing stress response raise our level of cortisol produced in our body. It also leads to chronic inflammation which makes us fat and sick.

Some of us spend much of our time trying to eat well and workout as much as we can to avoid life’s ills. If we spent just part of that time on some kind of mindfulness practice just sitting with our eyes closed, yoga, breath work, tai-chi, or any other centering methods, we would be that much more resilient to annoyances.

We KNOW this but WHY do we shove it by the wayside?

Today I would like to inspire you to take a breather. Let go for a moment. It won’t cost you one thing. Close your eyes. Go inside. Breathe. Count. Don’t worry. Everything will still be there when you come back. You’ll be all the more refreshed to participate…..

Remember. Health is not only what you put into your mouth.

Cat Dillon

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