One Step Forward to Knowing More About Your Body….

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Guys and gals…  It’s NOT in your head!

Did you know that abnormal cortisol (stress hormone) rhythm can negatively influence energy production; immune system health; muscle and joint function; sleep quality; liver, pancreas and thyroid function?

I’ll be honest with you…  I have begun testing this year after a very stressful event in my life and I saw numbers that made me, well…..  Let’s just say I am motivated to start my process of health building.  Trust me….  Even healthy and fit fitness trainers and wellness practitioners work on themselves!!

Until the end of this week, I am offering a special deal on the “Adrenal Stress Lab Panel”, a functional assessment of the effects of environmental and physiological stressors.  (Consulting on this lab will be only 99.00 normally 150.00.  Lab fee paid separately) Your results aim to show areas of compensation, gives us insights into healing opportunities and pinpoints where further investigations might be needed.

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