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 Manage your Stress

This is CRUCIAL! Your cortisol (stress hormone) levels play a direct role in everything.: Your hormones, your digestion, your immune/detoxification systems and yes of course, your weight.

When your hormones aren’t balanced, your fat storage systems are on high alert. When you aren’t absorbing nutrients properly, your body may crave food to make up for the deficiency.

Poor diet and many other obvious lifestyle blocking factors can greatly increase your level of stress. Physical stress of overtraining or not sleeping enough, or mental/emotional stress of not including enough pleasures in your daily life can play a role in stress. (Talking to friends or loved ones about your stress can be a big help for mental and emotional stress, and actual talk therapy that involves working with a therapist can be particularly valuable. A trained therapist can help you find better ways to deal with your stress.)

Structural imbalances, past or present injury, and even TMJ can also be major stressors, as is bad bacteria, parasites and candida overgrowth. The job of parasites is to clean up rotten food and bad bacteria in the intestines. Parasites love sugar as a steady diet, too. When you kill them your cravings may temporarily get worse, as they seem to scream for sugar.

Candida overgrowth can cause very strong sugar and bread cravings. Yeasts and candida live on sugar and seem to urge you to feed them all the time. “A craving for sweet and starchy foods is typical for all people with abnormal bodily flora,” says Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, “particularly with candida overgrowth.”

There are also the not so obvious stressors such as dehydration, caffeine, electromagnetic stress, airborne chemical exposure, household cleaning product/plastic use, environmental or food allergies, gluten intolerance or sensitivity, drugs, hair/skin treatment.

Doesn’t it sound like we all have stress? You bet. And the common thread here is that it is the cause of chronic inflammation.

This inflammation occurs when the body’s immune system gets fired up and stays fired up over time, attacking healthy tissue alongside unhealthy tissue. Over the years, chronic inflammation has become a hot-button topic, and a growing number of researchers now believe that the condition can cause most serious illness – heart disease, stroke, diabetes, even cancer.

Though experts say it usually takes years of chronic cellular inflammation to trigger these types of disease, there are also subtle, short-term consequences, including weight gain, fatigue, aches and pains, indigestion.

The gut is especially vulnerable to the presence of acute and chronic stress, showing stress-induced changes in gastric secretion, gut motility, intestinal mucosal permeability and barrier function, and blood flow. The issue here is that there is that chronic stress can cause the issues named above and these issues can also cause chronic stress- a viscous cycle indeed.

Getting your adrenals tested is a good first step in finding out where you stand. Your adrenals and DHEA play an important role in the balance of your steroidal hormone health. Low libido anyone?

Learn meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques. Take a yoga class. I absolutely love this meditation app called “Omvana”.

and this personal yoga practice app called “My Yoga On-Line”

Next time I will talk about the role of blood sugar maintenance, proper digestion and gut microflora and how it all relates to feeling healthy and avoiding energy dips and cravings. Stay tuned!

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