What? My Mental Function Stems From My Gut??

GutandBrain3Ever feel like crap after you eat something? You eat a meal at a restaurant you get back to the office and you JUST cannot concentrate?

Your gut health can profoundly affect your brain health. Studies are linking gut problems with mood disorders, depression and even Parkinson’s.

The gut microbiota (bacterial organisms we carry in our intestines) affect the chemistry of our brain. We have pounds of it in our guts! Some good stuff and some not so good. A poor diet, excess sugar and carbs, stress and other factors help the not so good flora in the gut outweigh the more beneficial.

When the intestines become permeable (leaky gut), undigested food, toxins and antigens are allowed into the bloodstream where they shouldn’t be. This provokes the immune system into response and causes inflammation throughout the whole body.

How do you know if you have leaky gut? You might have gas, bloating, food sensitivities, or systemic inflammation. You could even have rashes, headache, joint pain, bloating, abdominal pain or headaches.

So, how is the brain involved? If the leaky gut is inflaming the brain, you might have brain fog, depression or other neurological symptom. This is due to impaired nerve conduction. Systemic inflammation can cause fatigue and effect energy levels or poor recovery from exercise. It can also extend the time you need to heal from an injury or a cold.

Here is the kicker. Many people with leaky gut have no intestinal or inflammatory symptoms. So even if your digestion seems to be in good working condition, leaky gut should be considered if you have any signs of chronic depression, brain fog, systemic inflammation or any type of auto-immune condition.

What is the protocol? Besides eating a nutrient-dense diet and maintaining proper blood sugar control, removing the inflammatory foods and or chemicals that you are sensitive to is the first step. Repairing the intestinal membrane with certain foods and supplements that help reduce intestinal inflammation is the next.  It’s not a simple thing, but for those struggling with chronic issues that are affecting life quality it is a very small price to pay.

Most leaky gut programs are 30 – 60 days; however, if you have an auto-immune condition (people with auto-immunity struggle with intestinal permeability long-term) like celiac, Hashimoto’s, Crohn’s, lupus or MS, staying on the diet is your best bet to support your health and offer you the best result.

No obvious symptoms? There is no exact time frame for leaky gut support. If you do not have obvious symptoms, the only way you can be certain is with lab testing before and after the program.  According to Dr. Oz: “My hunch is that as our knowledge grows, the theories behind leaky gut will become the foundation for lots of diseases that are widely prevalent in our society, and millions of people will be in a better position to find relief from their suffering”.

If you would like to try and troubleshoot your gut, brain or associated symptoms….  You know where to get me!

Namaste, Cat  :-)

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