Importance of Achieving Dog-Life Balance

Mochi and Minnie Relax1What’s your excuse?

Do your dogs, cats or other animal-family member get it all?

What I mean is – Do you feed them the best food, the healthiest treats and make sure they get all the love, exercise and care possible?

Do you do the same for yourself?

You certainly make time for them.  You make it work, whatever it takes.  But can you really say that you are taking all the steps necessary to achieve balanced health for YOU?

Some heavy rainclouds lifted recently from the mourning of my late princess, “Misty”.  I don’t think I ever felt as bad as I did for any loss in my life.  Last Sunday, after weeks of following a pair of rescue dogs from a shelter, my husband and I were so fortunate to take home the beauties and give them the home that they deserved!  I couldn’t believe my husband was okay with not one, but TWO!!!

Now the work begins….

Having 2 rescue dogs that aren’t super socialized with other dogs (1 being a puppy) means lots of training and patience.  Time for meals, walks, play, and socialization requires lots of planning and stick-to-itiveness.  Not only do I have to plan for them, but I am going to have to plan even harder for me.  I won’t have the flexibility as I had before to do things on a whim, but I can certainly plan around them for my needs – a good daily workout, rest, home-cooked meals, rest, and my of course my work.

If I cannot take the time for my health and sanity, then what good am I to my babies?  If I am exhausted, stressed out or not feeling my best because I haven’t been eating right, I will certainly give that energy back to the girls.

It is my quest to achieve the best balance that I can with all of us this year…..

Do you have a suggestion that works for you and your pet, that helps with feeling more grounded?

Classical music and Rescue Remedy has been a God-send in this house!!

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  1. You are making one super transition, the love from both ends will make it all worth it :-) So happy for Minnie & Mochi
    I believe kids, dogs whatever, the key is organization! I take care of approx 12+ doggie’s a week. I walk the dogs approx 3 hrs winter & 5+ hrs spring, I plan my weekly meals, buy only those grocery’s, less waste. Sunday’s I prepare meals & enjoy reaching for yummy prep’s food! I am stress free & happy

    • If it one person that I should have interviewed for the post, it would be you Sofia!

      “Sofia has been a dog-mom for a long while and also takes care/walks a large pack of mini-breeds. I know this lady means business in the organization department!! She has been an inspiration to me ever since I lived in the Northwest and we’d walk together. Every Sunday Sofia does her cleaning and prepping of the weeks healthy-foods for her and her family! Go Sofia!”

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