Functional Wellness 101

interconnectedness imageIt is ALL interconnected!

How your body responds to chronic stress is in part, affected by diet.

Here is just one teeny-tiny example….

Magnesium affects the sympathetic nervous system and norepinephrine release, which causes cortisol release as part of your stress response. Think, “flight or fight”.  Magnesium is also essential for the detoxification of cortisol and adequate levels help return you to more relaxed state.

Eating magnesium-rich foods or supplementing with magnesium can lower high cortisol levels that put you at risk for anxiety, depression, digestive problems, heart disease, sleep problems, weight gain and memory or concentration impairment.

Let me break it down even further!

That stress?  It’s causing a leaky gut and hindering digestion.  The sluggish digestion?   It’s causing gut dysbiosis (an imbalance of good to bad gut bacteria), and nutrient malabsorption.

Improving your diet is going to help, but you are going to need to make changes in your lifestyle to reduce the stress.  Improving your diet WILL help you manage the stress and managing your stress will help you reap even more benefits from improving your diet – A “win-win” situation.

Stressful events are a fact of life..

You may not be able to change your current situation. But you can take steps to manage the impact these events have on you.  You can learn to identify what stresses you and how to take care of yourself physically and emotionally in the face of stressful situations.

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