You and Toxin Build-up (A few minutes of the harsh reality…)

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We Can Take Steps…

Healthy living keeps us feeling and looking our best.  But sometimes we need to take a step back and look at the reality of all the toxicity in our environment and how it can effect us.   Instead of fretting about it, there are steps we can all take to lessen the burden that our body’s endure.  It is the harsh reality that over, 80,000 man-made chemicals have been added to our environment. Most of them are toxins and a great many are carcinogens and xenoestrogens (endocrine disrupters). These chemical toxins comprise a huge proportion of stressors and blocking factors that are primary causal factors in health challenges faced by all of us.

The Threat Is Serious Whether, We Want to Believe it or Not…

Believe it or not, toxins pervade the water we drink, the food we eat and the lotions and potions that we use – makeup, shampoos, soaps, sun products, toothpastes and mouthwashes. Let’s not forget our food packaging and take out containers and pollutants like cleaning products, new appliances, new cars and even exposures in the workplace such as in beauty salons, construction sites and assembly lines.  The crux of the matter is that all of us face a serious onslaught to our health and well being from environmental pollutants!

Our Bodies Are Designed to Detoxify…

I can’t imagine that anyone who comes to me for help has not been exposed to them. More significantly, we know the body is designed to detoxify. But we also know that in order for detox processes to happen efficiently, biochemical balance, metabolic efficiency, and energy production need be optimized. (Read about Metabolic Typing) The popular cocktail of stress and toxins – both are present at levels never seen before and increase the body’s demand for nutrients. When there is some kind of chronic symptom or degeneration that is already present, nutrient stores and depleted and biochemistry is imbalanced. Couple that with the already lowered nutrient content of today’s food (yes, even if your eating an all organic diet!) Plain and simple, one doesn’t have the raw materials available from food alone to rid the body of heavy metals and chemical toxins – as well as resolve all the other stressors and blocking factors in modern life.

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Caterpillar Nutrition and Wellness now runs the USBioTek Environmental Pollutants Panel (EPP) that measures 11 toxins. Call 760-274-4642 or email me at for more info.

The EPP Panel measures:

– Benzene Metabolites: t,t -Muconic Acid-  Found in off-gassing from building material, particleboard, carpet glue, textured carpet, liquid detergent, furniture wax, structural fires, high-density traffic locales, petrol stations.  Benzene and its metabolites accumulate in lipid depots.

– Miscellaneous: Quinolinate-  An excitotoxin in the CNS. It reaches pathological levels in response to inflammation in the brain, which activates resident microglia and macrophages. High levels of quinolinic acid can lead to hindered neuronal function or even apoptotic death.

– Paraben Metabolites: Para-Hydroxybenzoate-  Is a widely used family of preservatives found in many cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial products. They have inherent estrogenic, and other hormone related activity, and have been detected in certain human breast cancer cell lines.

– Phthalate Metabolites: Monoethyl Phthalate, Phthalic Acid- Used in the manufacture of plastics to allow for flexibility. They are found in everything from makeup to detergents, shampoos to time-released pharmaceutical drugs. Phthalic acid esters are well known endocrine disruptors which may cause neurological and developmental disorders.

– Styrene Metabolites: Mandelate, Mandelate + Phenylglyoxylate, Phenylglyoxylate-  Product of automotive emissions, tobacco smoke, released from building materials, carpet backing. Low-level exposure may occur through ingestion of food products packaged in polystyrene containers. Packaging materials, toys, hobbies, crafts, house wares and appliances, electrical and thermal insulation, fiberglass, pipes, automobile parts, foam cups.  Styrene and its metabolites accumulate in lipid depots. Its slow elimination suggests the possibility for bioaccumulation from chronic exposure.

– Toluene Metabolites: Hippurate
 – Trimethylbenzene Metabolites: 3,4-Dimethylhippurate-   Found in household aerosols, spray paint cans, glues, varnishes, shellac, rust preven- tatives, solvent-based sanitizing agents and germicides, etc. Additive in cosmetic products.  Under conditions of chronic exposure, signifi -cant uptake of toluene into lipid- rich tissues ( adipose, CNS) may occur. Effects are reversible on cessation of exposure, but are increasingly severe and persistent with in- creasing concentration and/or duration of exposure. Toluene interferes with the biotransformation of othercompounds (benzene,xylene,and styrene ) in the liver.

– Xylene Metabolites: 2-Methylhippurate, 3-Methylhippurate-  Automotive emissions, poor emission-control devices on older vehicles, poor maintenance practices, aviation fuel, waste and landfill sites, localized industrial discharges and spillage incidents, tobacco smoke. Topical contact or inhalation of: varnish/polishers, paint, paint thinner, paint remover, shellac, rust preventatives, lacquers, inks, dyes, adhesives, cleaning fluids, degreasing agents, household cleaning products. Used as a solvent for rubbers, synthetic resins, gums, inks, paint. Fabric and leather treatments. Used in the synthesis of plasticizers and in the manufacture of polyester fiber, film, insecticide formulations, and perfumes.

Why Should You Test For Environmental Pollutants?

1. It is important to identify which toxins are present in high levels. That assists greatly in figuring out the source in the lifestyle in order to remove them. Extremely important! There are many documented instances where such discoveries turned out to be the primary causal factors in serious degenerative conditions; as the sources were identified and eliminated and as the toxins removed from the body, the degenerative conditions resolved. Without knowing what kinds of toxins were being held in the body at high levels, it would be extremely difficult to identify the sources. You need to know what to look for!

2. Testing also helps to figure out if you have issues with your detox pathways. In other word, if you are a “low excretor” and have high levels of toxin accumulation in the body so the issue can be resolved and detox function restored.

3. It provides specific instructions for detoxification of those toxic substances specific to each individual person.

4. Troubled by weight? Research has shown that environmental toxins disrupt the Citric Acid Cycle, the body’s source of energy production, where nutrients should be converted to energy (rather than stored as fat). Worse, the chemical pollutants are stored in fat tissue. As fat is lost, levels of circulating toxins rise, producing adverse symptoms. The body will slow metabolic rate as a defense against their elevation since their adverse effects worsen as metabolic rate increases. This mechanism has been found to be a primary cause of “plateauing” in weight loss approaches.

5. Toxins have been shown to depress thyroid function and slow metabolic rate. So, eating the same diet and maintaining the same level of exercise while accumulating these toxins can result in weight gain.

Fortunately, we have the capacity to detox a good amount of these elements.  Please call me to learn more…  Cat 760-274-4642


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