5 Simple Breakfast Tips & 1 Thing to Save Your Weight and Your Health

Frittata 4Have you been skipping out on your pre-daily grind Frapuccinos?  Resisting the office donuts, coffee cakes and power muffins and munching on your whole-grain cereal instead?

But then…..  10:00 rolls around and you’re craving that (high sugar) energy bar in your desk drawer?

Does this sound all too familiar?

Believe me.  I have been there too!  The only way, I ended the starvation and cravings was to eat MORE healthy protein and fat.  Now I balance my blood sugar by eating more regularly and watching my macro-nutrient (carbs/fat/protein) ratios and also making sure that what I am eating is as densely packed with nutrition as humanly possible.  Sorry folks, the grains just do not cut it.  Carbs solo are a DISASTER and send your blood sugar on a tail-spin!  The proper fuel at breakfast sets the tone for the remainder of the day.  What you need to figure out is how much carbohydrate your body can tolerate along side your protein and fat.  This is determined by many things – your activities, your stress level and nervous system, your hormones, your oxidation rate and your genetics.  This is NOT counting calories or grams, but going on how you feel as the best judge.

A study posted in yesterday’s Science Daily has shown eating more protein in the morning can beneficially affect glucose and insulin levels. What that means in lay mans terms is you shove the cravings, shaky feeling and or “hanger” (hungry + angry) out of sight.

Result? Longer lasting, happy energy, attention and focus until noon! Not only that.  If you eat healthy and consume foods that assist with controlling your blood sugar levels now, you are protecting yourself from future insulin resistance and or diabetes in the future.

Here is the study:

Want to go BEYOND the carby breakfasts that you have been used to eating?

Here are 5 QUICK, EASY & DELICIOUS BREAKFAST TIPS for you to try!  Note: These are intended to feed more than one.  Just sayin!  You can do this!

  • Mini Frittatas: Fill 6 greased baking cups with a mixture of 8 beaten eggs, leftover cooked greens and or mushrooms, goat cheese, fresh chopped parsley, thyme or dill, salt and pepper. Bake at 350 F until golden and set.  Bonus!  Make it a wrap…  Wrap your frittata in a beautiful coconut wrap.  Have you tried Paleo Wraps?  They are divine and delish.  Makes creating any roll-up a breeze too!
  • Banana-nut (or seed) Pancakes: Mix 2 mashed bananas with 2 heaping tablespoons of nut or seed butter, 4 beaten eggs and a few dashes of cinnamon. Cook up on a skillet, turning once when bubbly. Boost the protein and fat with some good quality grass fed bacon
  • Breakfast Salad: Top an arugula salad with any of your favorite veggies a drizzle of great olive oil, sea salt and pepper. I LOVE heirloom tomatoes, avocado, and carrots (or home-made bacon bits!)  if I feel like crunching. Poach or fry your eggs and set right on top, allowing your yolks to create a luxurious dressing for your now wilted greens.
  • Goji Baby Cereal: Soak ½ cup each of sunflower and sesame seeds at least 1 hour or overnight. Rinse, drain and pulse in a food processor until chunky. Remove and add ¼ each of figs and prunes. Add back in the seeds plus 1 cup of softened coconut manna, cinnamon, nutmeg and citrus zest to taste. Shape into balls, chill and “cerealize” with your favorite kind of milk!
  • Last night’s Leftovers: Yes, that’s right! You can have a “kick-ass” breakfast out of last night’s dinner of fish, chicken or meat and veggies. I LOVE using my bone broth with leftover anything for a super wholesome way to start the day! You should try it!

Let me know how you get through the day with one of these ideas!

Thinking of you…


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