This Herb is One of Nature’s Best Secrets



cilantroGod knows how much I love my super-foods like maca, hempseeds, acai, MCT rich coconut oil, and maqui berries!  Trendy?  Yeah.  Expensive.  Yeah.  But then there are the many other beautifully designed by nature foods that we don’t hear about as much.  It is funny isn’t it?  How we eat these foods that we hear about from experts telling us how great they are for us.  Sometimes it is really the simplest of all ingredients that can make a profound impact on our health and how we feel.

As an example, take cilantro.  Thai, Vietnamese, or Mexican herb you think.  Kind of soapy tasting for those of you who don’t care for the stuff.  Well.  Check out this brief list of wonders.  Then play my one minute tip on using cilantro in simple to prepare “Cilantro Pesto”.  Ya, cinchy!  Keep it around for everything: soup enhancer, hors de ouvre topper, burrata incrediblizer, you name it!

Here is cilantro’s health resume!

Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial/anti-fungal, anti-nausea, helpful for hormones/PSM, high in fiber, good source of iron and magnesium, good for liver function and detox from heavy metals, high in anti-oxidants, helps lower blood sugar by increasing insulin secretion, immune boosting properties, helps eye-aging conditions.

I wish you a wonderfully healthy and energetic weekend ahead!




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