(Non-Diet) Tips for Weightloss

scaleYesterday, if you are a one of my Facebook fans, I posted a tip for weight loss.  The “KIS” method. You have heard it before.  Keeping things simple is your best bet to success in many areas of life.  Studies have shown that eating simpler food leads to eating less, which in turn helps you shed pounds without effort.

If you know me, you understand how much I adore food and cooking. (and eating)  It really is easy to go overboard with delicious gourmet recipes.  If you are trying to drop a few, better to stick with simple dishes and save the more extravagant ones for a nice weekend dinner.  Need tips:

Note, the extra “S” in KISS, is missing.  I might also add that insulting yourself is never a good start to a healthy body relationship.

Today, I’d like to address another factor in taking and keeping weight off.

 Eating enough!

How many times do I hear people telling me that they haven’t eaten all day so they can pig out on the evening’s dinner?  Tons.  They morph into irritable, cranky psycho-bitches (ok, this is me when I have ever done this. YEARS ago) and never end up getting their way of losing any weight.

This untrue belief causes you to deprive your body of precious nutrients and calories needed for proper function and only creates stress and increase of stress hormone which actually puts you at risk for weight-gain!  Decreasing too many calories alters your metabolic rate which causes a stall on weight-loss efforts and can even make you gain weight.

 What to do instead?

I forgave myself 20 years ago for counting every damn calorie and you should too.  Stop this craziness!  It does not and will not serve you.  Acknowledge and learn some tricks of the trade.

Consume unprocessed, nutrient dense, high quality produce, fish, meat and healthy fats.  I have said before that if your great grandma would have found the food in her day, it is probably ok for you.  Another way of looking at this is that if you see your food advertised on TV, it’s a sure bet that it has crap in it, or is crap.

When you eat a real food diet that satiates you, you end up eating way less without crazy hunger pangs, blood sugar crashes or counting calories.  And that my friend, is a very good thing…..

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