5 Tips to Rekindle Your Love… with Exercise

excited man imageBeing in my 40’s and peri-menopausal, I have hit the wall a few times with endless workout burn-out and routine boredom.  Sometimes it’s easier to say, “Ahhhh, I’ll do it later in the day”.  And of course 9 times out of 10, it doesn’t get done when that happens.  You too???

As I have gotten older, exercise has become less about fitting into skinny jeans and more about my strength, slowing down aging, feeling good and improving my mood.

There has been so much energy lately on this topic of exercise, mood and depression.

A study published in 2005 found that walking fast for about 35 minutes a day five times a week or 60 minutes a day three times a week had a significant influence on mild to moderate depression symptoms.  There have been literally dozens of studies about this very subject and now this…

A brain science research team studying depression drugs just found the actual part of the brain that controls how motivated mice are to exercise. The researchers created genetically modified mice that lacked neurons in the dorsal medial portion of a region of the brain called the “habenula”.

Right!!  The brain has a Cuban chili pepper part that figures out whether to plop on the couch or do a HIIT workout??

Seriously though, the lack of running the team studied in the mice may be related to depression.  More research is needed on humans, but now perhaps they will design a drug that mimics exercise.  (Me:  “No thanks!”)

Which brings me to finally tell you:

My 5 Tips to Start Loving Exercise Again When You’ve Hit the Wall with Boredom…

1. Get it DONE in the morning.  You know how those excuses are going to pile up once lunch comes.  Think about your sense of accomplishment post-workout that is waiting for you!

2. Set a new goal… A race, yoga challenge or barre 4 times a week.  YOU set it!

3. Commit to a short something even if you aren’t up to it.  Could be a sprint or power walk around the corner.  A wall sit for 5 minutes.  Pushups and squats alternating for 1 minute each for a total of 10 minutes. Dancing hard for 15 minutes. These are all individual ideas and can be combined to make a decent day of activity.  Ya!  See how easy?

4. Find something you actually like doing…  Don’t pick rowing if you hate rowing. I find the best therapy at a group class like barre or yoga!

5. Get accountable…  Hire a personal trainer, or workout with a buddy.  Track you progress with Fitbit, a heart rate monitor or an on-line fitness program.

How do you motivate for exercise when you aren’t in the mood??  I’d love your comments!  Visit me on Facebook and tell me all about it!


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