Coconut – Kaffir Mocktail

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It has been mega hot here in San Diego these last few days.  I have since created the best remedy for a hot evening, before dinz mock-tail.  It is such a cinch that it’s stupid!  No alcohol, no sugar and loaded with probiotics and sweet effervescence.  Use regular lime instead of the kaffir lime above.  It’ll be just as good!

Coconut-Kaffir Mocktail

For 2 servings: Rim select glass with your favorite salt. Add ice, coconut KeVita and the juice of 1/2 a kaffir lime.  Drink!  That is it.

What the heck is KeVita?

Tune in to my blog tomorrow to find out 10 benefits of this amazing virtually NO sugar, effervescent, pro-biotic bottled love potion.

I’ve recently sourced out fresh kaffir limes at Jimbo’s in Carlsbad and they are AMAZING! I use them a lot! Hint: Thai-influenced salads, marinades and sauces.  Good grated as well….

There are some other uses, besides the leaves, of this beautiful fruit:

  • The juice finds use as a cleanser for clothing and hair in Thailand and very occasionally in Cambodia. Lustral water mixed with slices of the fruit is used in religious ceremonies in Cambodia.
  • The juice and rinds are used in traditional Indonesian medicine; for this reason the fruit is referred to in Indonesia as jeruk obat (“medicine citrus”). The oil from the rind has strong insecticidal properties.
  • In South India the lime is juiced and the rind is filled with turmeric powder and sea salt and dried under hot Sun. This is used as an accompaniment for “Kanji” when sick.

Are you experimenting with kaffir limes?  Be sure and drop me a line in the comment box below!

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