5 Quick and Dirty Meal Planning Tips – Great Ingredients and No Recipes Required!


If you’re like 99% of my clients, you just do not have time to be searching through cookbooks and magazines for recipes to make. Seriously,  I love cooking and being in my culinary domain, but who the hell has time to cut out their favorite Food & Wine tasties to try all week!

I am just going to tell you the truth right here.  Most of you know I have been a chef and cooked a lot of restaurant meals in my day.  I love to cook a dinner party now and then, but for the most part my meals are pretty utilitarian.  Well, to me they are anyway!

I want to clear the myth that it takes a boat-load of skill and time to eat right.

Do you want to prepare real food that is healthy, in season, sensible and delicious?  I am going to take you through this easy to learn skill that will save you time, money, stress and frustration and leave you nourished and satiated.  And all using no processed foods.

Consider this a crash course in meal planning!

Here’s 5 quick and dirty meal planning tips.  Great ingredients and NO recipes required!

1.  Clear your kitchen clutter.  Is it time to clean your oven, fridge and pantry of nasty bits?  You know who you are.  Let’s take a moment to grab a bag and deal with this elephant in the room shall we?  Take care of this and your holidays will be all the more merry!  Get your glass jars and containers ready for action.

2.  Chose your days to plan, shop and do some prep like washing herbs, lettuce, greens, making dressings, sauces and broths.  Keep your focus simple and try not to be overly ambitious.  Love planning?  Ah, you want a gold star don’t you?  Get inspired by using

3.  Now that the pantry is all cleared out, you’ll want to make it nice and pretty with some colorful health-promoting dried herbs and spices like oregano, thyme, cumin, chili flakes, chili powder, turmeric and curry.  Garlic powder is also something to have on hand when you feel  too lazy to chop a garlic clove.  Don’t get too used to it!  Fill those shelves with nuts and seeds, good olive oil, coconut oil, vinegars, grain-free wraps, canned coconut milk and beans.

4. Get your sauce on!  On your prep day, work on a couple of sauces like a pesto, marinara or vinaigrette.  These are uber-helpful in making your life easy.  ie. Pesto can fill as an ingredient in a wrap, cover as a marinade for chicken, meat or fish and even enhance a favorite soup or stir-fry.  Vinaigrettes are not only great for salads but on top of veggies or as a tangy dip for crudite (vegetable slices).

5. Plan for leftovers.  When you decide on marinating some poultry or meat, go ahead and marinade double the amount and freeze.  Contrary to popular belief, my popular belief at least, you can marinate your proteins in some olive oil and herbs or spices without pulling flavor out too much.  Just be sure and not to salt until before you cook!

6.  Bang out a broth.  Seriously guys, broth is king!  Make a weekly broth is a killer time saver and it also benefits your health in so many ways.  Read here.  Blend with a head of roasted garlic, roasted or steamed broccoli, squash, carrots or potatoes and leeks and your choice spice and you have a nice fall soup to warm your belly with.

I hope that helps you get started!  Join the conversation and let me know what you’re cooking in your culinary domain.

Trust in your taste-buds!


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