Treating Ourselves, Our Kids & Our Pets Right

Hello my scary friends…

Happy Halloween!

I am afraid I’m not giving any treats at my home this year (or any year).  Yes, I am a “party-pooper”.  If I gave sliced fruit and veggies, like I really wanted, I might be cleaning eggs and toilet paper off the door.  So, I’m choosing to cuddle with my loved-ones by candle-light, after a nice dinner, and watch scary movies!  Woo-hoo!

Alright, don’t throw anything at me.  I’m just telling it like it is.  How is it responsible for a Nutritionist/Health Coach to contribute to the childhood obesity crisis?

Just a reminder to those of you with pets.  Beware of the candy on the streets the next few days, especially chocolate.  Even if your animal doesn’t get into chocolate, there are all kinds of candy wrappers that can be a problem if ingested.  Not fun for anyone.

Keep safe and don’t forget your pets in all the mayhem.  Here is a real treat from me to you!


P.S.  Don’t forget that halloween candy (GMO + crap) is not worth the awful blood sugar blues and next day’s tragic guilt.  Definitely NOT a treat!  Do yourself a favor and eat a nice square of the best dark chocolate and a glass of red wine (if you are on a special eating plan it will be available for you later).

Cat Dillon

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