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I wanted to give you access to a NEW groundbreaking film called Origins, directed by Pedram Shojai, OMD. Pedram convened many world-class experts after he ran a large medical practice where he treated the same lifestyle-induced ailments again and again. Four years and nearly $1 million later, he and 30 of the foremost authorities in human and environmental health bring you this vital message to inspire and empower you to take back your health.

Find out  who has been hijacking your health and what you can do to safeguard yourself and your family against preventable disease, unhealthy weight gain, stress and exhaustion that are so pervasive in our society.

The beauty of this film is not only do 30 of the best minds in human and environmental health talk about the why’s of the health problems our globe is facing, but they offer you easy and doable ways to take ACTION!  The truth is that by changing our health, we are dramatically changing the health of our planet.  The two are completely interchangeable!

Click HERE for details on how to watch the movie.  Please note that FREE SCREENINGS are ending Sunday, November 23.  Please share this e-mail with as many people as possible!  Trust that I would not be sending you this link if it was just another one of those environmental movies chock full of scare tactics.  This is definitely a MUST WATCH!

Here’s what the experts are saying about this extraordinary event:

“The Origins Summit reveals what the food industry and chemical companies don’t want you to know – that it’s not too hard, expensive or inconvenient to eat and live in ways that support your long-term health and the long-term health of our planet. Those are lies.”

—Mark Hyman, M.D.
Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, 8-time NY Times Bestselling Author and Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine

“So many people are either unaware of the mounting damage to our health from the destruction of the environment or feel guilty that they aren’t doing better. Origins shines a much-needed spotlight on the root cause of our health crisis and, most importantly, empowers us with simple ways we can make a real difference. Bravo!”

—Sara Gottfried, M.D.
Harvard-Trained Physician and NY Times Bestselling Author of The Hormone Cure

I can’t wait for you to watch!




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