Lifetime Kefir Milk Kefir Grains

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Lifetime Kefir Milk Kefir Grains

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Product Description

Lifetime Kefir milk kefir grains are one of most high quality grains you will find in the US at this time. Our grains are quality controlled to ensure a high quality product that is unmatched within the kefir community. We use a special process which was developed through many trials and experiments to make sure that our grains are the best you can find. Our commitment to helping others extends beyond our products with our excellent customer service. If you are not happy with any product, we offer a money back or replacement of the product (sometimes both) because we care about our customers. May you have a lifetime of good health!


  • Many beneficial "good" bacteria with Lifetime Kefir milk kefir grains
  • Can be added to many dishes or taken directly by itself
  • No filler material - you receive true milk kefir grains!
  • Active kefir which is far superior to bottled kefir
  • Delicious and fun to make

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