Banning the FOOD RUT!


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This is the first out of 5 posts geared towards busting a “food rut”. Might you find yourself here?

Recording your food in a document, journal, app or other method can really be a great way to learn what is and isn’t working for your body. It additionally helps by keeping you accountable while working through food and even behavior/mindset changes.

Note: I’m not talking calorie counting here.

Here is another idea for you if you have blocks with food journaling. Simply sit down over the weekend, or another calm and relaxing day of your week, and try “REVERSE JOURNALING”. (This really works!)

How does one Reverse Journal?

Map out your week ahead of meal prep time, shopping, meal choices, snack breaks, and even food at social events/restaurants.  Go ahead and Google the restaurant to figure out the dishes that you’d be comfortable ordering.  If you have any dietary issues you could even call the restaurant to discuss this.

This new strategy will help you because you will be more focused and chilled at this moment, rather than writing it all out during a hectic, or after a long day.

Please post below and let me know how this works for you or if you have any other ideas that you’d like to share with us!

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