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Brianna Ayala, wife and loving mother of three, advocate of natural healthy living and lover of the great outdoors.

My mom and I joined one of Cats Cooking Workshops on 6.29.15. We had such a wonderful time! There was good music, great people and AMAZING food. Every recipe that was cooked, was nutritious and absolutely delectable. I would consider myself a beginner cook and all the recipes were easy to make and still looked gorgeous on a plate. Definitely recipes to impress your own dinner guest. Everything was washed measured and sorted before guests arrived so we had enough time to cook and enjoy our dishes before the workshop was over. Cat made everyone feel welcome, was a lovely host and had many great tips before we got to cooking. She is an amazing holistic chef! My mom and I still talk about her class and what a great experience we had! I plan on bringing my husband to Cat’s next workshop. Would recommend the Cooking Workshop to anyone looking for new, healthy and delicious ideas in the kitchen.

~ Brianna


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Thank you for such a delightful review!

I hope you and your family will join us July 27th when we’ll go crazy on healthy, world sauces!

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