These Cues Might Be Influencing Your Poor Eating Habits

Tasty Looking Waffle With Blueberries And Cream

Here’s a bizarre piece of research on a reason that we might chose a high calorie dessert!  Besides flavor, that is….  

Turns out,  we might subconsciously be driven towards sweets even before we consciously make the decision to indulge.

A study in the journal, Appetite, looked at participants after exposure to different stimuli before being offered a food buffet.

All participants were asked to sit in a waiting room for 15 minutes.

Group 1, the control group, received no stimulation.  They just sat there in the non-smelling waiting room.

Group 2, the olfactory group, sat in a room that had the smell of chocolate croissant.  Mmmmmm….

Group 3, the auditory group, sat in a room while a radio aired info on fatty and sweet food dangers.

Group 4, the combo group, was exposed to both the chocolate scent and the radio program.

All of the groups were brought to a separate room where they were told to serve themselves from the buffet of an appetizer, a main and a dessert.

Here’s what was observed.

Those that were exposed to the chocolate aroma were much more likely to go for the high calorie desserts, like waffles, than those who had not been exposed to the scent.  This was also seen in the group exposed to the aroma AND the nutritional information simultaneously.

What this means is that messages like “fatty and “sweet” might be inadvertently be driving consumers to chose high-calorie foods, regardless of what the media message is saying.  Consumers may be subconsciously focusing on those key words instead of the meaning of them.

This study reinforces my clinical experience that focusing on what you “do want”, rather than what you “don’t what”, can be a much more effective tactic to use in any aspect of achieving better health, weight loss and overall wellness.

Source: Chambaron S, Chisin Q, Chananet C, Issanchou S, Brand G. “Impact of olfactory and auditory priming on the attraction to foods with high energy density.” Appetite. 2015.




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