Healing By the Bay

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-+*Food for thought. When ancient Greek doctors completed their studies they were crowned with laurel branches – baca (branches), lauris (laurel).  The origin of the word baccalaureate. For the ancient Romans, bay laurel was the symbol of victory and courage.  Chariot race winners were crowned with branches of bay laurel. While many of us know … (read more…)

The Almighty Allspice – More Almighty Than You Thought?


-+*Tis the season for this funny spice that has erroneously been identified as clove or nutmeg.  Even cinnamon and pepper! You probably recognize allspice as an ingredient in Jerk Chicken, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and in the ubiquitous Pumpkin Pie.  But what you probably didn’t know that allspice berries actually come from the pimiento tree. Allspice … (read more…)

These Cues Might Be Influencing Your Poor Eating Habits

Tasty Looking Waffle With Blueberries And Cream

-+*Here’s a bizarre piece of research on a reason that we might chose a high calorie dessert!  Besides flavor, that is….   Turns out,  we might subconsciously be driven towards sweets even before we consciously make the decision to indulge. A study in the journal, Appetite, looked at participants after exposure to different stimuli before being … (read more…)

5 Practical Ways to Balance Your Gut Health

5 Practical

-+*It has been said that, “You are what you eat”.  A recent idea came my way though, that we actually are not.  To be more specific, what we really should be saying is, “You are what you eat, digest, absorb and don’t excrete“.  If our ability to process and package our nutrients for absorption is … (read more…)

Lemon Zest… Therapeutic and Culinary Uses

AddZest to Your Life!

-+*Lemon’s have long been touted for their abundance nutrients and a cost-effective way to aid detoxification. Did you know about the incredible benefits of lemon rind (peel)? Lemon rind has up to 10 times the bioactive compounds of it’s juice. According to PubMed studies, lemon peel may not only have a protective effect in the … (read more…)

Nutrition Goes Beyond Nutrients

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-+*You’ve read about how food can affect mood. How eating refined carbohydrates and processed junk, excess caffeine and alcohol can be total body drainer. What about how your mood affects the digestion of your food? There hasn’t been too much information on how your stress (or your perception of stress) or negative inner dialog affect … (read more…)

Lack of Sleep Makes You Fat


-+*  Have you ever noticed that when you are short on sleep, it’s harder to control your food intake? Maybe you eat the foods that you don’t normally, your resistance to white carbs is low, or it hard for you to stop eating in general.  It’s like you are a bottomless pit! There is a good reason … (read more…)

Energy-Packed Cereal (Four Easy Steps)

chocolate cereal graphic

-+*Today some of our neighborhood schools re-opened. As my dogs and I did our little gang-buster power stroll through the area, I had memories of my many first days of school.  Shoes all polished, cute folders and notebooks, fancy pencil cases and of course the stylish lunchbox! Of course one thing led to another and before … (read more…)

Eat Love

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-+*Are you in lifestyle overhaul? Stuck in a rut with too many social events and unpreparedness? Change is hard.  I am not going to be sweet about it.  But there are many things to ask ourselves when we are confronted with the little annoyances that come up.  Quality food is part of the pie, but … (read more…)

Ridding Your Food Rut – Part 3 Color

yellow food

-+*Last week I talked about adding in some simple ways to add more vegetable variety to your meals. This week I’d like to share a useful way of thinking about the food you eat and creating more play in your day to day experiences with what and how you’re eating.  This would be by way … (read more…)

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