-+*This is a very popular subject matter, indeed!  The Holistic Chef Series – Your SIMPLE 5 STEP SOLUTION to Crafting Delicious Make-Ahead Meals that Save Time and Your Waistline, is now sold-out.  This is really great feedback in that it took only a few days to do so.  I WILL schedule another in August/September. In … (read more…)

Cooking Workshop Date Set. Here’s the Deal!

Photo curteousy of Lock Stock and Barrel Newbury review, UK food blog

-+*IN THIS 3 HOUR HOLISTIC COOKING WORKSHOP YOU’LL LEARN: -How to think like a chef. There really IS a method to creating those “nightly specials”! -Fresh and exciting ways to dress up mundane entrées and vegetable sides, and what to do when you are caught with nothing in the fridge. -Brilliant ideas for getting more “super-foods” in your repertoire, … (read more…)

Feeling a Little Un-Inspired to Cook? How About a Cooking Class?

Holistic Chef Series

-+*Feeling uninspired to plan, cook and eat healthy?  I asked my tribe and here’s what they said.  Can you relate to any of these comments? -I keep getting stuck in ruts- I have been alternating tofu and greens over rice with black beans and rice for a month now. I have never planned my meals a … (read more…)

Still Using Plastic??

-+*I really do care about you.  And that is why I am telling you this… Plastics are no good, no matter what.  I cringe in hot yoga, seeing the plethora of plastic bottles still being used and re-used by so many.  Need some reasons for avoiding tupperware, plastic bags, take-out containers and cups? I’ve talked … (read more…)

Natural Label Anti-perspirants and Deodorants – What’s the Harm?

Exercising with dumbells at gym

-+*Pit Concern? There was lots of health media talk last week on the safety of anti-perspirants and deodorants and there affect on health. I want to address some concerns that I have about them. First of all….  It is an absolute no brainer for you and your family to avoid all conventional aluminum-based antiperspirants and … (read more…)

Prevent energy Dips and Cravings!

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-+* Manage your Stress This is CRUCIAL! Your cortisol (stress hormone) levels play a direct role in everything.: Your hormones, your digestion, your immune/detoxification systems and yes of course, your weight. When your hormones aren’t balanced, your fat storage systems are on high alert. When you aren’t absorbing nutrients properly, your body may crave food to … (read more…)

What? My Mental Function Stems From My Gut??


-+*Ever feel like crap after you eat something? You eat a meal at a restaurant you get back to the office and you JUST cannot concentrate? Your gut health can profoundly affect your brain health. Studies are linking gut problems with mood disorders, depression and even Parkinson’s. The gut microbiota (bacterial organisms we carry in … (read more…)

Pop into My New Store Today! Grand Opening!


-+*Today I unveil my lastest creation to help you make your life better! Now you can order products like grassfed beef, healthy oils and other pantry items, food for “Fido” and “Whiskers”, cookbooks, kitchen tools, organic and chemical-free beauty products and even fun & fashionable clothing for guys and gals right on my website. No … (read more…)

Healthy Tapas – Spinach and Mushroom Frittata

Frittata image

-+*Mushroom & Spinach Frittata With Smoked Gouda — powered by ehow The Question About Eggs and Cholesterol Many of my clients worry about their cholesterol and ask me if they should eat eggs or not.  I say, “Enjoy your eggs…  Yolks included”! According to Uffe Ravnskov, a leading researcher and cholesterol expert, the direct effect … (read more…)

The Happy Dance Between Gut and Hormones and $50 off testing!

PicMonkey Sample1

-+*  Your Gut and Hormones?? Now is the best time of the year to help food sensitivity sufferers eliminate food sensitivity symptoms and take control of their health. That is why Signet/Oxford Lab has offered practitioners $50.00 off the price of the MRT LEAP 150 Food Sensitivity Panel until September 28th, 2013. I am passing … (read more…)

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