Stress Has Everything to Do with It!

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-+*Stress has everything to do about it. It’s a viscous cycle. We try and avoid it, but it won’t let up. Everything is stressful. We know we should do some kind of daily practice to help ourselves learn to deal with stressors better. We forget that every single negative thought creates not only an emotional … (read more…)

The Surprising Connection Between Buddhism and Modern Psychotherapy


-+*I had the opportunity to hear neuroscientist, Dr. Steve Prime speak at the Vancouver Buddhist Temple about Buddhism and Neuropsychology.  His current research is aimed at better understanding the cognitive and cortical processes that underly perception and sensory-motor coordination.  Dr. Prime talked about the interesting connection between modern psychotherapy and Buddhism and the research examining … (read more…)

7 Hunger Types – Exercises for Hunger Awareness


-+*How can we change our habits and free ourselves from our habitual patterns with food whatever they may be? We can start by working on being more aware of what urges us to eat.  Practice asking yourself what kind of hunger you are experiencing next time you eat a meal or a snack. Below I … (read more…)

Tuning in to Our Innate Skills

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-+*We are born intuitive, with an inner skill that tells us what our body’s nutritional needs are.  Studies have shown that when babies are given a variety of foods in a setting, they customarily eat one food and ignore all the rest. Parents usually think their baby will suffer from malnutrition, but if researchers are … (read more…)

Would You Like to Have a Better Relationship With Food?


-+*I’ve been immersed in my books about the things I love this month:  Food and Nutrition, Anatomy and Pilates,…. Yesterday I completed a wonderful book by a physican and meditation instructor, Jan Chozen Bays, MD, called, “Mindful Eating“.  The book had reading appeal to me, as I have grown more and more accustomed to the … (read more…)

“What, Me?…” Adrenal Fatigue?


-+*This is not a “delicious” subject, but albeit an important one….. Adrenal fatigue is something I know well.  I’ve had bouts in the past and can share my experience all too well.  As a former triathlete, chef and type-A personality type, I struggled with getting good enough balance and recovery in my work and workout … (read more…)

Annoyances in Life…..

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-+*I’d like to share a little 2 minute video on the little annoyances in life….  Don’t worry, it isn’t a meditation video or something to try and get you to meditate.  It’s just a funny, but true portrayal of life….  As I shared with you last week, I have decided that it was time to … (read more…)

365 Days of Meditation

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-+*As I journey into the new year, I thought it would be helpful to create a formal practice for meditation.  Who on this planet couldn’t use some time to reflect and de-compress?  I want to do this not only for myself, but for others, such as my clients that could learn from my experiences.  I … (read more…)

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