Stress Has Everything to Do with It!

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-+*Stress has everything to do about it. It’s a viscous cycle. We try and avoid it, but it won’t let up. Everything is stressful. We know we should do some kind of daily practice to help ourselves learn to deal with stressors better. We forget that every single negative thought creates not only an emotional … (read more…)

Should You Exercise Less?

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-+*Doing tons of cardio and STILL can’t get those last 5 or 10 pounds off your frame? Exercise is a great component of a healthy lifestyle and the benefits are well established but “chronic cardio” or too many high-intensity days for that matter can push the body’s stress response too far, leading to a cascade … (read more…)

B12 For Real??

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-+*Post hot and sweaty trail run last week stimulated some creative cooking ideas that sent me and my soggy twenty heading to the local grocer for a bag of stuff.  A sign at the entrance caught my eye. It questioned my stress level, if I had decreased energy, or need for an immune boost.  B12 shots … (read more…)

Sit for a Living?

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-+*The latest meta-analysis confirms that the more you sit, the more at risk you are for diabetes.  Sitting seems to have an immediate effect on how your body metabolizes glucose. When you sit, your muscles are not used, and quickly become more insulin resistant.  Studies have shown that people who sit after eating have 24% … (read more…)

Would You Like To Communicate Better??

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-+*Would you like to understand yourself better?  Would you like to understand others better in order to communicate more effectively? According to The Mayo Clinic, Being assertive is a core communication skill. Being assertive means that you express yourself effectively and stand up for your point of view, while also respecting the rights and beliefs … (read more…)

The Surprising Connection Between Buddhism and Modern Psychotherapy


-+*I had the opportunity to hear neuroscientist, Dr. Steve Prime speak at the Vancouver Buddhist Temple about Buddhism and Neuropsychology.  His current research is aimed at better understanding the cognitive and cortical processes that underly perception and sensory-motor coordination.  Dr. Prime talked about the interesting connection between modern psychotherapy and Buddhism and the research examining … (read more…)

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