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Are you unknowingly sabotaging your healthy eating regimen because you don’t plan to cook and/or eat? Do these habits end up leading to you eating the wrong foods and leaving you in a bad mood, jittery and frequently hungrier for more?  Are you stressing out and feeling out of control because you really don’t know what you should eat? Imagine that you had a plan that told you what to eat and what and how much to buy for the week.  What else could you do in your life that you can’t do right now?

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Here are all the benefits of downloading my free Done-For-You packet of chef-created, modified Paleo recipes, menu and shopping guide (serving two for a week).

emenu-flipped-pageIn Cat’s e-Menu Meal Plan:
* You’ll learn how it FEELS to fuel your body for better energy, focus and less cravings.
* You’ll save time and simplify your life so that you CAN finally get to that yoga class you keep canceling.
* You’ll save money by saying bye-bye to food going bad in your fridge because you didn’t plan or know WHAT to do with it.
What makes this offer so irresistible, is that it’s all designed by me. You see, I was a chef long before nutrition stole me.  And even then, my passion for using un-refined, whole food was apparent! I want to share my love for REAL food with you because in my world, health begins with “what” and “how” we eat!

Don’t like EVERY recipe on the menu? No problem. Just do your own thing that day or pick from another meal. You will still have to account for the change on your shopping list, but you are still a step ahead! And that one step is AWESOME!

bigstock-Beetroot-And-AvocaWho is this e-Menu Meal Plan FOR?

  • If you want the tools to make a lifestyle change easier.
  • If you want to make changes that help you feel and look better.
  • If you want to improve digestion, boost metabolism and increase energy.
  • If you want to start eating nutrient-dense, real foods on a regular basis.
  • If you want to stop eating processed food but you don’t know where to start.
  • If you want to get off the sugar roller coaster that leaves you jittery, moody, and frequently hungry for more.

Who is this e-Menu Meal Plan NOT FOR?

  • If you want 5-minute meals.
  • If you want to calorie count.
  • If you don’t want to do a little planning.
  • If you want a quick-fix weight loss program.
  • If you believe that a low-fat diet is the key to success.

I look forward to sharing my e-menu meal plan with you… Cat


Your Answers are 1 Click Away.
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