Feeling a Little Un-Inspired to Cook? How About a Cooking Class?

Holistic Chef Series

*+-Feeling uninspired to plan, cook and eat healthy?  I asked my tribe and here’s what they said.  Can you relate to any of these comments? -I keep getting stuck in ruts- I have been alternating tofu and greens over rice with black beans and rice for a month now. I have never planned my meals a … (read more…)

This Snack Actually Burns Calories As You Eat It….

green tea truffle image

*+-Snacking on the wrong things these days?  If you have a few ingredients in your pantry, you will be amazed at what you can come up with.  Suggestion?  Try some of these coconut truffles on for size.  I made these for my friends that are stuck with what to eat.  All you need is coconut … (read more…)

Still Using Plastic??

*+-I really do care about you.  And that is why I am telling you this… Plastics are no good, no matter what.  I cringe in hot yoga, seeing the plethora of plastic bottles still being used and re-used by so many.  Need some reasons for avoiding tupperware, plastic bags, take-out containers and cups? I’ve talked … (read more…)

Top Disease Fighting Power Food and How To Eat More


*+-I was elated to see my long lost organic watercress at my neighborhood market recently! A growing body of evidence increasingly shows watercress standing above other “super-foods” for it’s anti-cancer abilities. Want to get 5 New Ways For Watercress? Ounce for ounce, watercress is a better source of vitamins C, B1, B6, K, E, Iron, … (read more…)

Great Ingredients, No Recipe Required!

stacked tomatoes

*+-If you’re like 99% of my clients, you just do not have time to be searching through cookbooks and magazines for recipes to make. Seriously, I love cooking and being in my culinary domain, but who the hell has time to cut out their favorite Food & Wine tasties to try all week! I am … (read more…)

Sabotaging Your Health?

sabotage graphic

*+-Day after day I hear many stories, misunderstandings and confusion from people about eating healthy. Recently I got a chance to address these issues in a podcast interview with Alana Fournet of The Intentional Living Network.  Click HERE to listen!

Restore Your Energy, Sleep & Mood With These 5 Things

*+-Sleepless nights, depression, lost libido, chronic bloat or hot flashes got you down? You know your body well.  Thing is, so many women are led to believe that the answers lie at the bottom of some prescriptive pill bottle. I have designed a helpful mini guide on 5 natural ways that you can give happiness to your … (read more…)

What is the MOST Nourishing Food?

Focusing+on+good+nutrition-+very+valuable (1)

*+-Are you still eating what made you feel healthy 5, 15 or 30 years ago?  I remember when I used to work as a cashier at a health food store and taught aerobics on the side. I think I LIVED on carrot juice, cottage cheese, and tofu & dill salad on rye. Lots and lots of … (read more…)

Breaking the Cycle of Body Frustration


*+-  No matter what your desired state is, be it balanced hormones, freedom from excess weight, more energy, control over food cravings and finally knowing what to eat, rockstar digestion or just clear skin, it’s often common to forget that to get a positive outcome or to complete an important task, (ie. achieving a wellness … (read more…)

How Laughing More Helped Me…


*+-The passing of my Miniature Schnauzer, Misty, was an event that took me by surprise.  Even though she was almost 14, she still looked like my puppy-girl and rocked my world to no end.  She did lose her will to take walks (arthritis), and seemed lost and disoriented at times (vestibular disorder and partial deafness), but she … (read more…)

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