*+-This is a very popular subject matter, indeed!  The Holistic Chef Series – Your SIMPLE 5 STEP SOLUTION to Crafting Delicious Make-Ahead Meals that Save Time and Your Waistline, is now sold-out.  This is really great feedback in that it took only a few days to do so.  I WILL schedule another in August/September. In … (read more…)

Feeling a Little Un-Inspired to Cook? How About a Cooking Class?

Holistic Chef Series

*+-Feeling uninspired to plan, cook and eat healthy?  I asked my tribe and here’s what they said.  Can you relate to any of these comments? -I keep getting stuck in ruts- I have been alternating tofu and greens over rice with black beans and rice for a month now. I have never planned my meals a … (read more…)

Cat Dillon

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