These Cues Might Be Influencing Your Poor Eating Habits

Tasty Looking Waffle With Blueberries And Cream

*+-Here’s a bizarre piece of research on a reason that we might chose a high calorie dessert!  Besides flavor, that is….   Turns out,  we might subconsciously be driven towards sweets even before we consciously make the decision to indulge. A study in the journal, Appetite, looked at participants after exposure to different stimuli before being … (read more…)

Banning the FOOD RUT!


*+-  This is the first out of 5 posts geared towards busting a “food rut”. Might you find yourself here? Recording your food in a document, journal, app or other method can really be a great way to learn what is and isn’t working for your body. It additionally helps by keeping you accountable while working through … (read more…)

Great Ingredients, No Recipe Required!

stacked tomatoes

*+-If you’re like 99% of my clients, you just do not have time to be searching through cookbooks and magazines for recipes to make. Seriously, I love cooking and being in my culinary domain, but who the hell has time to cut out their favorite Food & Wine tasties to try all week! I am … (read more…)

Sabotaging Your Health?

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*+-Day after day I hear many stories, misunderstandings and confusion from people about eating healthy. Recently I got a chance to address these issues in a podcast interview with Alana Fournet of The Intentional Living Network.  Click HERE to listen!

The Missing Link in Metabolic Syndrome

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*+-  For a while now practitioners working with food sensitivities have noticed that when people deal directly with their food sensitivities, they begin to lose weight.  Here’s why. Food can be inflammatory and obesity is an inflammatory condition.  Going on an anti-inflammatory diet can help lower the burden of inflammation and also help normalize function. … (read more…)

4 Big Ideas For Kickstarting Your Health This Year and Next

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*+-Your health is rooted in your gut.  If you have a healthy gut, it’s likely you’re pretty healthy all around. If you get sick a lot, have seasonal allergies or a chronic illness like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia or another auto-immune disease, then your gut most likely needs some attention. Why? Because 80% of your … (read more…)

(Non-Diet) Tips for Weightloss


*+-Yesterday, if you are a one of my Facebook fans, I posted a tip for weight loss.  The “KIS” method. You have heard it before.  Keeping things simple is your best bet to success in many areas of life.  Studies have shown that eating simpler food leads to eating less, which in turn helps you … (read more…)

Brazilian New Food Guidelines Take a Radical Approach


*+-Kudos to the Brazilian government for providing citizens a valuable “food based” new dietary guidelines!  Rather than focusing on individual nutrients, like in the US, Brazil has taken it to a much deeper level. “Food-based means recommendations to eat more or less of foods — more fruits and vegetables, less of soft drinks — as … (read more…)

Parsnip and Cereriac Puree

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*+-Parsnip & Celeriac Puree — powered by ehow The days and evenings are still warm, but soon enough we will be sliding the sweaters on and craving soups and fall vegetable. I am here to prepare you! There is much to be said for preparation. For one – it feels good and lowers your stress … (read more…)

Tomatoes – Getting the Most Nutrition?


*+-Is Eating Heirlooms Tomatoes the Only Way to Get the Full Spectrum of Health Benefits? Lab tests show that most of the supermarket tomatoes fail to deliver the goods. Over the 19th and 20th centuries, horticulturists experimented like crazy with the tomato and created the bland and mealy yet sturdy new breed. Their main goal? … (read more…)

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