Nutrition Goes Beyond Nutrients

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*+-You’ve read about how food can affect mood. How eating refined carbohydrates and processed junk, excess caffeine and alcohol can be total body drainer. What about how your mood affects the digestion of your food? There hasn’t been too much information on how your stress (or your perception of stress) or negative inner dialog affect … (read more…)

Eat Love

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*+-Are you in lifestyle overhaul? Stuck in a rut with too many social events and unpreparedness? Change is hard.  I am not going to be sweet about it.  But there are many things to ask ourselves when we are confronted with the little annoyances that come up.  Quality food is part of the pie, but … (read more…)

365 Days of Meditation

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*+-As I journey into the new year, I thought it would be helpful to create a formal practice for meditation.  Who on this planet couldn’t use some time to reflect and de-compress?  I want to do this not only for myself, but for others, such as my clients that could learn from my experiences.  I … (read more…)

Belly Fat and Cortisol Connection – 8 Tips to Curb Cortisol

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*+-We always seem to blame belly fat on sedentary lifestyle, too much beer, unhealthy eating or all of the above. While these do play a large role in creating excess weight, another reason for belly fat, stress, is often overlooked. Cortisol is a stress hormone responsible for the, “flight or flight” response.  This response is … (read more…)

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