Before I found Cat, I was at a dead end in my life. Feeling lost and usless to my husband and three kids. I had no energy or patience to cook, play or spend time with either of them. That was not how I imagined life as a stay at home mom. I felt the guilt weighing in on me more and more everyday. I was depressed, high anxiety, falling apart mentally and emotionally. We were eating fast food almost everyday, some times twice in one day. We spent more time on our devices then we did with one another. All of us walked around with short tempers, anger and resentment. I could feel my family growing so distant with our bad habits, lack of positive structure and respect for one another. It was getting out of control. I was aware that no one should be living this way especially those I love and care so much for. That’s when I made the decision to seek out help. I came across Cat through a search on yelp. Her title “holistic nutritionist and transformational life coaching” grabbed my attention immediately. I had no idea what I was in for when I made that first call. What. A. Ride. She flipped my life right side up and although her pricing was a bit above our middle class family budget, I couldn’t be happier to have hired her! I’m actually getting teary eyed just writing this. She is the sweetest person you could meet and though we differ in age and background she still seems to truly understand and relate to my struggles in life. She’s given me endless support and has never made me feel guilty for my failures. In fact she lends out her hand, helps me back up and reminds me of all the acomplishments I have achieved so far. Let’s me know I have it in me to keep moving forward with my growth. She’s given me the tools to help with my anxiety and self control. Before I felt so overwhelmed grocery shopping and cooking. Now I have all the confidence meal planning, prepping and making wholesome meals for my family everyday. We almost never eat out anymore! I’ve now the energy to spend quality time with my family. Not to mention my husband and I have lost over 20 pounds combined and my little one is back down to a healthy weight. Cat guided me gradually into letting go of old habits and beliefs that weren’t serving me anymore. And transitioned my mindset to see my trials as a learning experience. Our family has grown so close in these last 3 months, more than we ever have in the past 10 years. My children are also health conscious now, they’re known to ask their grandparents if what they’re feeding them is gluten free and organic (hehe). And my 8 year old says his dream job when he gets older is to be a personal trainer, he would make for an amazing one! When looking back on how far we’ve come with all the changes Cat has helped us make I get an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and just feeling blessed. The satisfaction of this feeling surely beats any feeling I’ve ever gotten from my old habits and short lived gratifications. I would highly recommend Cat to anyone looking to improve their mental and physical health in a holistic way. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Brianna A.

Cat helped me by …first off, setting goals and what my expectations were with my diet to improve my life. From there, having me take several tests to see where I stood with my internal and external health. This included a physical testing such as a functional adrenal test, a pathogen screen test, mucosal barrier test, and test of food sensitivities. It also included paper testing of my adrenals, immune response, diet record sheets, and many more. Through this testing she gave me a thorough and accurate view and my current health and what I needed to eat, stop eating, and supplement with to get my body back to optimal health. She also coached me on the mind body connection which delves into emotional eating and nourishing my body and mind without food or drink. In addition, she provided life coaching to determine areas of my life where I feel like I can be more fulfilled. Working on all these things really brought together and improve my overall health by looking at my health holistically.

The result was ….great improvement on what I was eating, how I was eating it and when and where. I thought I was already very healthy and up-to-date and eating healthy, however, I learned how to nourish my unique body for optimal health, which I learned included giving up some of the items that I considered to be healthy.

I found the experience ….life changing. The inflammation in my body and decreased and the chronic injuries that result from the injuries heal a lot faster and don’t hurt me as much or any more.

I would recommend Cat to people who need ….a nutritionist, which is everyone really. Your body is unique and it’s hard/impossible to figure what is the best for it on your own, Cat will tell you exactly how to take care of your unique self in the best way possible and she’s super nice, professional, and always there to help every step of the way.

Julie C.

I have been a big binger, addicted to carbs and sugar my whole life. I followed Cat’s recommendations and ate according to my metabolic type. My hypoglycemia is gone, my cravings stopped, moods improved and I felt so much more clear headed. I have also been able to maintain a steady energy level each day and lost about 6 inches of belly flab!

Catherine C.

I have been supported, encouraged, and challenged while working with Cat. She is available when I need support or information. Our one on one coaching sessions always leave me feeling empowered and excited about my journey toward balance and health through functional nutrition.

Lauren G.

Cat helps you look at food in a much more informative and health related way. I am severely Anemic and her instruction and tips have already made me feel better in just 3 short weeks!! Such great tips and instruction with every visit!!!

Dylan M.

I am a very active individual but my cholesterol was very high. Cat listened to me very attentively and gave me some suggestions. My high intake of carbohydrates was not agreeing with my digestive system. I love her recipes and use them on a regular basis. My entire body feels so very different.My cholesterol level is now good and I cannot thank her enough for all the recommendations she had for me.

Michelle T.

Being in the health & wellness industry I am always looking for those who share the same level of passion as I do and Cat is one of those people. She has a deep desire & commitment to support others in their quest to being whole & healthy. She communicates clearly what you need for you, your body type and most importantly she shares her own experiences so that you don’t feel alone in your journey to total health.

Alejandra C.

I have battled hormone related fatigue, nagging skin eruptions and indigestion for almost 6 months time. Cat’s approach wasn’t like I was used to. Instead of just recommending a ton of supplements, she recommended a program that involved looking at my diet, my rest, exercise and how I handled stress. I was so glad to find out not only how easy it was to get my saliva hormone levels tested, but how accurately it corresponded with my symptoms.

Connie S.

Cat: Because of you I no longer have itchy skin! After doing my food sensitivity test (MRT), I was made aware that I was highly reactive to some of my favorite foods, like peanut butter. After you taught me to avoid the highlighted foods on for 90 days I have felt great and not one itch! The best part is that I tested the peanut butter in small amount every 4th day and my skin didn’t react like it used to. You were right!

Eric J.

Cat has a great coaching style. She is easy to talk to, a great listener and best of all she doesn’t judge. Our sessions and my homework really helped me make the connection between what I put in my body and how it affects me in my daily life- my hormones, mood, energy, immune system and everything else. I love that it’s not just about nutrition- the time with Cat gave me the space to reflect on my life. This awareness and support has enabled me to continually self-reflect and even make more improvements in my life…..

Jenn B.

Cat Dillon’s workshops are information packed and so helpful in ensuring a nutritious diet. Her recipes are fast, easy, super healthy and delicious!

I liked her workshop so much that I decided to have her come to my house for a private cooking lesson. I learn more in 3 hours about healthy cooking and healthy ingredients than years of cookbook and Internet research.

If you feel it’s time to change your habits and learn simple healthy cooking, I highly recommend Cat’s services to you.

Odette Morin

I’m having trouble finding the words to discribe the sheer joy I experienced working out with you today. You push the limits of strength, flexibility and grace and I totally love those moments at the barre. Thank you Cat for helping me discover a new passion, the barre.

Sandy Sucloy

I am writing to thank you for the cooking demonstration and nutritional assessment you provided recently. I love the recipe’s you demonstrated and thank you for the detailed assessment and suggestions to improve my health.

I am feeling stronger and more energetic.

Thank you,

Neyleen Khamisa

Being that I’m vegan, I find most nutritionists do not have the knowledge that I need about alternate protein sources and vitamin B12 rich foods, Cathy does, She understands nutrition and diet better than anyone I’ve ever met. She is amazing. I recommend her to everybody.

Alberta Mayne

I’ve been wanting to improve my diet for sometime, I happened upon Cat Dillon, Holistic Nutritionist/Chef & Personal Trainer, I attended 4 of her Nutrition Seminars, The seminar titled, “Cooking for Vitality & Immunity”, drew me in the direction I’ve been searching for. Learning to make & enjoy delicious nutrition meals has truly been my most successful attempt at a new lifestyle with nutrition. Thank-you so much Cat Dillon!

Sofia Sabo

Cathy has such patience and endurance. She is always on top of it and never lets me give in to giving up!

Steph B.

Personal training with Cathy has been a great experience. Her encouragement and advice have enabled me to give myself a tremendous gift. It’s not easy and it’s not a quick fix, but it’s become an enjoyable part of my weekly routine. I would recommend Cathy to anyone who truly wants to get into good, lifestyle based physical condition.

Stephen McCoach, Qwest Investment Management

We both realize that you are a big part of our lives, more than just a “trainer”, you are also a friend, like family. You have changed both of our lives and for that we will always be grateful.

Maurice and Anita L.

Can’t possibly begin to thank you for changing my perception of exercising and eating properly. Our sessions are something I always look forward to and never mind all the great tips on what’s cooking – literally! – around town, plus all the great food and wine. Did I mention the different training each time is great?

Andre S.

The first time I met Cathy, I thought she was very professional yet approachable and her workout, fun but challenging. She herself is very fit and so just looking at her is encouraging and motivating! I have been impressed since day 1 because the workouts she incorporates are unique and always different from session to session. I have been a gym user for 10 years and also gone through a few personal trainers, but I have never used weights, other gym accessories and even my own core strength the way she’s shown me. My hour long session flies by, and in the end although my body feels pushed to the max, I am always greatful for her coaching and there’s always a smile on my face with a “few” sweat beads on my brow.

Jen B.

I had always anticipated that Cathy was very good at her job. It wasn’t until I became one of her clients that I realized how exceptional a trainer she really is. Terribly out of shape, Cathy developed a program for me that was easy but effective – I felt those mystery muscles. She is reliable, skilled, patient and motivating. She is genuinely concerned about my fitness and gives me the best advice on weight loss and nutrition. Talented lady.

Paula W.

I love Cat! My workouts with her have made tremendous changes in my body composition and I’m getting leaner and stronger with each session. The variety in the workouts make each session a challenge. Cat always ensures I have proper posture and technique in order to get the most from each workout. She knows when to push, and when to offer encouragement and support. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to make serious changes to their bodies and lifestyle.

M. Markham

Fifteen around the table at home was a daunting thought especially in an average kitchen; Cat pulled it off with great flare and an unbelievable calmness. Each person had the opportunity to work with another and prepare a portion of the meal. Cat’s crowning glory was the flawlessly cooked halibut for 15 served simultaneously, hot and to perfection. The feedback from my quests was ‘how much fun they had’ and ‘when could we do it again’. That says it all. She made it look so effortless nothing seemed to faze her….


In all truth, Cat Dillon is the one personal trainer I have recommended and will continue to recommend to friends and those who really want the finest in personal attention and expert nutritional advice from an ex-chef.

Samantha Glen

Cat has been my trainer for 3 years. She is an enthusiastic, helpful and dedicated trainer: always upbeat and encouraging. She reminds me of proper form and never complains about my complaints. I know I have benefited from her work with me and I plan to continue with her for as long as she will keep working with me. I have also asked for her nutritional assistance so that we can reduce our meat consumption and build the appropriate emphasis on vegetables and fruit. With her nutrition training and her background as a chef, she is so knowledgeable that her nutritional suggestions have been both delicious and useful. Cat really is the complete package! I recommend her services with confidence.

Loryl Russell

Cat really knows what questions to ask and how to get me to understand why I habitually sabotage my health and wellness.  I have started to really understand that I have been using food to numb what I have been dissatisfied with in other areas of my life.  I have a new perspective now and have new nourishment other than what is on my plate!

Betina R.

By signing up for Cat’s 90 day Evolution Nutrition Program I have learned how my thoughts and actions are intertwined into my digestion.  My adrenals and digestion tested out pretty lousy and when we worked on not only the foods and supplements but the personal power topics, and breathing areas, something really transformed in my health.  Thanks Cat!!