Balancing the body from the inside out

Caterpillar Nutrition and Wellness Offers…

Holistic nutrition and transformational life coaching, functional diagnostic lab screenings, fitness makeovers and “customized-health” cooking classes. Services are always tailored to suit your individual needs. Whether your goal is better digestion, elimination of cravings or fatigue, fat loss and or muscle gain, brushing up on some cooking techniques, stress reduction, or a bit of everything, Caterpillar Nutrition and Wellness will help you create a climate where positive changes can occur.

Cat Dillon’s Caterpillar Nutrition and Wellness offers a lifestyle and nutrition program offering clients BETTER health through the D.R.E.S.S. for Success Program. Diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplementation are covered, empowering you to be your own self-care advocate and create lifestyle changes that LAST!

Caterpillar Nutrition and Wellness is Based on 3 Steps:

  • Consuming the Right Foods Learn the foundation of nutrition for your metabolic type and how to build a solid, real-life meal plan that works for your body.
  • Connecting with Your Body and Mind Master how to listen to your body, so you really know what you need at any given moment. Laser in on the underlying beliefs that stop you from healing, so you can finally allow for habit change and deep transformation to occur.
  • Identifying Your Hidden Stressors Use functional lab testing to uncover the hidden obstacles to your health and build long-term wellness from the ground up.

A special message from Cat Dillon