Diet Success – Consider Metabolic Typing

I‘m back!  Sorry for the delay in posting. I have been totally geek-ing out with two new additional services offered by Caterpillar Fitness. Before I tell you what they are, let me ask you this…. Are you confused as to what foods are actually good for you?

You keep hearing conflicting remarks on what you need to eat or avoid to be healthy.

Shouldn’t it be easier to figure out?


You keep hearing:

– “You shouldn’t eat carbs”.

– “You need to eat fish”, but then the mercury thing.

– “Consume fish oils”. “No, use krill oil instead”.

– Paleo diet, or just organic chicken and fish?

– “Saturated fats are bad”, but now you hear they are good.

– “Fruit has too much sugar so you shouldn’t eat any and bananas make you fat”.

– Just eat, ” a well-balanced” diet and you will be fine…..  What the heck IS “well-balanced”?

If you were thinking, “Canada or US Food Guide”, think again.  This confusing guide makes it nearly impossible  to figure out the right fuel mix for your individual body.  Not to mention that research has shown time and again that no diet works for everyone.

Enter Metabolic Typing ®.

The short and simplified explanation….

Metabolic Typing ® is a scientific analysis of the imbalances in your body’s metabolic traits.  It recognizes that our bodies breaks down and uses food for energy in different ways, due to a host of genetic factors.  We all need a full spectrum of nutrients, but different people have different genetically programmed requirements for different types and amounts of various nutrients.  This explains why a certain nutrient can cause one person to feel good and another to feel worse.  One can look at it using the analogy of how different cars need different fuels.  Some cars run best on unleaded and others on diesel.  Put the wrong fuel in and you start having some problems.  Our bodies have their own unique, “engine of metabolism” and require specific, “body fuel” to efficiently function.  Simply stated, we all need different foods in different macro-nutrient ratios.

For years, nutritional science has been based on a generic approach to health and nutrition with a one-size fits all diet.  The standard approach fails to recognize these principles listed above.  What really matters is how well a particular food and diet regimen fulfills your individual genetic metabolic requirements.

Not that big of a deal?  Just go on eating the same way, regardless of how you are feeling? When we fail to obtain the right foods and nutrients our system initially produces sub-clinical health complaints, (otherwise known as vague symptoms that the doctor says is, “just stress”), such as fatigue, aches, pains, blood sugar imbalance, cravings, rashes, indigestion etc..  The long term effects of not eating the right foods and nutrients are the degenerative conditions such as arthritis, asthma, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease etc..  Humans have an endlessly variable needs for different foods and nutrients.  Some people thrive on diets high in protein and fat, like meats and cheeses.  At the other end of the spectrum are those that function best on higher carbs and lower fat, like grains, veggies and fruits.  You might be on one side of the spectrum, or right in between, or even a little closer to one side than the other.

The Metabolic Typing Test is an online test created and patented by William Wolcott, the “father” of Metabolic Typing. It contains 150 questions focused on your individual diet, physical, and psychological traits. The test will determine your Metabolic Type as well as the specific foods and nutrients ideal for your body. 

3 and 6 month packages include individual nutrition and lifestyle coaching appointments, e-mail support and customized video series that you can re-play at your leisure.  

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