Eva’s Herbucha Organic Kombucha Starter Kit (Traditional)

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Eva's Herbucha Organic Kombucha Starter Kit (Traditional)

Eva's Herbucha Organic Kombucha Starter Kit (Traditional) Rating:
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This giant mother scoby is exclusively sold by BOOKLUVER888 ONLY! We do not distribute products to other sellers, therefore we are not responsible for any product being sold here by anyone else. SCOBY stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria yeast. It had helped and provided many benefits for many over 2ooo years. It provides excellent probiotic, minerals, vitamin B for energy and help your overall health. Making kombucha tea at home had never been easier. All you will need is a 1 gallon or larger glass vessel or larger. We will supply you a 3.5" wide x1/4" think kombucha plus your 1/2 cup starter tea, 4 organic tea bags, 1/2 cup organic sugar.You can flavor it any flavor of your choice!


  • Complete Kombucha kit contains organic sugar, organic green tea bags, starter liquid tea, and instruction. all you need is a rubber band, and a glass vessel. it bres 1/2 gallon.
  • Nice and convenient way to brew the flavor you enjoy in the convince of your own home, where your whole family can enjoy a healthy tasty drinks at anytime.
  • The best of all, is so cost effective and fun to make as you can watch it grow.
  • It provide excellent probiotic and vitamin B. it also great for helping vitamin absortions.
  • Add your favorite dehydrated fruits, fresh fruits, fruit juices, or flavoring syrups on the second fermentation for a special treat. try one today to see what everyone talking about!

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