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Are you in lifestyle overhaul? Stuck in a rut with too many social events and unpreparedness?

Change is hard.  I am not going to be sweet about it.  But there are many things to ask ourselves when we are confronted with the little annoyances that come up.  Quality food is part of the pie, but not the whole pie!

It is estimated that we have 60,000 thoughts per day and 95% of those thoughts are re-cycled thoughts. (1) Meaning, thoughts you have thought about many, many times before.  How many of those thoughts do you think you think obsessing on how you look, self-criticism, what you are going to eat and what’s not going right in your world?

We think of all that’s not right with our body, or how things would be so much better if we only got rid of the “muffin top” or “that last 10 pounds”.

Which brings to mind, my work-out class where the instructor says something almost every time about working off your “muffin-top”.  Great visual, but how about a more positive one.  More on that in another post.

Chew on this.

The less regard ones holds for his or herself the more likely they will engage in unhealthy eating habits and behaviors.(2)

Negative thoughts and feelings do not serve to motivate us, instead they exacerbate our most un-true beliefs and send us back to where we don’t want to be, stuck in the mind-rut.

How we eat is how we live….  Can you think of a few ways you observe this in your life or a friend’s?

When we practice self-kindness, we can more effectively care for others when they struggle.

When we let go of the negative self talk, we let go of stress from old patterns, stuck-ness and the need for perfection.  When we release these patterns, we can relax our hearts and minds, decompress and actually metabolize and utilize our food better.  Cortisol, stress hormone, is released when we are in sympathetic nervous system stress (flight or flee) or when have chronic negativity (a definite stress).  Cortisol helps us hold on to fat to protect us from stressors like famine.  Kick the negativity, kick the cortisol!

Another helpful way to add some self-compassion is to get out of isolation eating.  Eating with others has been found to help us feel more in community and interdependent, a natural human and animal instinct.  A study done on 130 adults revealed that those who most regularly shared their meals in social settings had the highest nutrient intake and the best overall health.(3)

So, this week, do this instead…..

1.  Pick a re-frame.  Either enjoy the hell out of what you eat and stop with the negative self-talk, or try compassionately re-framing your thoughts from, “I feel so guilty I ate that/I am so bad”, to, “Next time I will be better prepared when I go to a party” or “But, I really enjoyed it and next time I will do better!.

2.  Want to make a health change?  Start by imagining the new habit it as already happened.  How would you feel?  What would life be like?  Immerse yourself in that good feeling and keep ahold of it.  We GET what we focus on.  Focusing on your thighs that you think are fat, is not a recipe for getting thinner ones!

3.  Eat with healthier minded friends, make some healthier-minded ones or inspire others to try something new.  Try new recipes and share, share, share the love….


(2) Lachance, L., Martin, M. S., Kaduri, P., Godoy-Paiz, P., Ginieniewicz, J., Tarasuk, V., & McKenzie, K. (2014). Food insecurity, diet quality, and mental health in culturally diverse adolescents. Ethnicity and Inequalities in Health and Social Care, 7(1), 14-22.

(3) Davidson, C. S., LIVERMORE, J., ANDERSON, P., & KAUFMAN, S. (1962). The nutrition of a group of apparently healthy aging persons. The American journal of clinical nutrition, 10(3), 181-199.

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